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How Other Universal “Monsters” Could Be Adapted In A Modern Way?

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With the success of Blumhouse’s The Invisible Man and a Dracula and Wolfman movie on the way, it looks like the failed Dark Universe is back on track just different than what was originally planned. And given the genius of The Invisible Man, how it manipulated the classic story into a modern world set-up, it seems very likely that we’ll get a lot more stories like it. So, without further ado, here are our “pitches”, if you will, of possible ways of handling some of the world’s most famous monsters.


We’ve seen a lot of Dracula in Hollywood, in fact, a Dracula miniseries just dropped on Netflix earlier this year. Nevertheless, it seems that Dracula will be the next Dark Universe Monster we see so the question is, how do we make this classic character new again? Well, given that The Invisible Man avoided the more mystical elements of the character and instead adapted the character through technology, we think it would be a good idea to do the same to Dracula. One idea would be for the Dracula character to have a rare blood condition that forces him to have to transfuse blood from his “victims” to keep him alive similar to the Psych episode: This Episode Sucks. It could be disappointing to see a Dracula without his more mystical elements, but this could be an interesting route to take if Blumhouse wants to make Dracula fresh.

Wolf Man

This may be one of the more difficult characters to adapt to the modern world, other than the rather obvious and easy science experiment gone wrong. Perhaps The Wolf Man could benefit from distancing itself from science and instead be a savage animal-like character. Who wouldn’t want to see The Jungle Book as an r-rated horror move?


Seeing as Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein is often credited as the world’s first sci-fi story, it should be pretty easy to adapt him for the 21st century. Universal could simply keep the story relatively unchanged, adjusting only some of the more dated aspects. If Blumhouse wants to thoroughly reinvent the character, however, they could make the monster come alive through Artificial Intelligence, and we could have a more Ultron-like monster. Whatever approach Universal and Blumhouse use, this will no doubt be a very exciting story to see on the big screen and we can’t wait to see it.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Much like Frankenstein, the already science based story should be relatively simple for Blumhouse to adapt. It’s not hard to picture a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde horror movie in the same vein as Split, or even a more psychological film where the good and kind Dr. Jekyll slowly begins to discover that he has an alter-ego, Mr. Hyde, who has been murdering people during Jekyll’s blackouts. Like Frankenstein, there are a lot of different directions Blumhouse could take this film, and it’ll be exciting to see what they do.

The Mummy

This would be a difficult one to adapt even without the recent failure of 2017’s The Mummy. Given that much of the core concept is that the Mummy is a remnant of Ancient Egypt, it’s difficult to see how it could be adapted through a solely technological set-up. Perhaps an Indiana Jones / Tomb Raider like movie that focuses more on the excavation of the trap protected depths of an Egyptian tomb with rumors of curses could work well. Whatever Blumhouse chooses to do with this one, we think it would be best if they wait a bit until 2017’s flop of the same name is far in the past.

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