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‘Harley Quinn – Birds of Prey’ Set For Early Digital Release!

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Harley Quinn – Birds of Prey is set to have an earlier than planned digital release. The Harley Quinn zaney adventure can be yours to experience again or for the first time on March 24th with a $19.99 price tag and available to rent the following month in April. Unfortunately because of the current situation affecting the world a lot of movies have been forced to take similar actions.

Warner Bros’ other movies such as The Hunt and The Invisible Man currently in theaters are expected to have early digital releases also. Although unprecedented studios looked to make the best decisions to protect their fans and provide safe entertainment from the comfort of their home. 

The Birds of prey movie was released on February 8th with a budget of $85 million. Since it’s premiere, the DCEU movie has grossed $177 million. The turnout may have not been the most impressive run but the home release could change things. Since most people are trying to stay inside to prevent contamination the earlier home release could entice fans to watch the action-packed thrill ride from home.

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