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Greed Review- A Disappointing Comedy

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A retail billionaire’s 60th birthday party is celebrated in an exclusive hotel on the Greek island of Mykonos.

Greed struggles to tell a good story. It’s pretty silly, and doesn’t really know where it’s at. It’s a story that could work really well but I felt there were a bit too many things going on that it doesn’t entirely work.

This is a comedy and a satire, so the audience need to be laughing – and they did. There’s a line about Robbie Williams that had the audience in stitches. But it’s jokes like these that I feel might not happen outside the UK. This film has real British humour, and I’m not sure how this humour will come across to an international audience. The film stars, and has camels, from many big British names and comedians which helps the comedy a lot. 

Steve Coogan delivers a solid performance, and his jokes landed well with the audience most the time. David Mitchell, as big of a fan I may be, doesn’t deliver and feature film performance. You feel like you’re just watching a BBC comedy with him.

There are times where it feels like a comedy version of The Big Short, and doesn’t entirely work.

The ending was a surprise and I always like when a film does something I wouldn’t expect. The credits had a message as well as some statistics and facts, which makes it feel as if you should take something away from the film. However, the film itself never really had that message come across so felt a bit out of place.

Greed is not a great film, but it’s just real British humour that people will love. It has some really good moments but as a film it’s not great, and the message they were trying to convey could be better.



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