Frozen – The modern Disney princesses

With Frozen 2 coming to theaters on November 22 the world is a buzz with what some call the princesses that changed it all. Modern day princesses started showing up in the mid 90’s with Pocahontas and Mulan moving away from the old damsels in distress and showing the strength of women. Then with Merida in Brave they switched from romantic love being the goal to realizing that family was a more important story to tell.

Now we have sisterly love being the focus and goal of the show about two orphaned princesses kept apart through fear and loss reconnecting and finding that bond. Through that bond they find their own true loves each other.

The second movie expands on this and shows us how well we can develop and become the people we want through the love shared in family. Found family, birth family, adopted family or extended family we sometimes forget these are most times the people who love and know us the best. We should never be afraid to show our family who we truly are.
Mine was far from perfect just as the princesses parents were shown as far from perfect. When her parents separated her from her sister they thought they were doing what was best as most parents do. Anna showed that if she had been allowed to accept Elsa sooner and gotten to know her sooner that things might have transpired differently.

The second movie will continue to explore what the parents decision made out of fear has impacted both girls on even more levels. Anna wanting to find love so quick lead her down a different path and Elsa’s fear of her magic lead her down an almost disastrous path. I cannot wait to see how Disney has explored this and once again applaud the writer Jennifer Lee on a spectacular screenplay.

See Frozen II in theaters November 22 and don’t forget to bring your vocals and I’m told a few tissues! Be sure to add the film to your watchlist to get notified when it releases.

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