Frozen 2 review – it truly went into the unknown

 After $1 billion of box office success and 7 years in the waiting, Frozen 2 is finally here and it delivers everything that Frozen fans wanted.

Frozen 2 is a way better film than the first one, it delivers a clearer plot, characters are more developed, animation is stunning and a very well defined tone throughout out the whole film. 

Let’s start talking about the good.

The whole script and the overall story felt way more mature, complex and dark (at some times) than the first one. I’m very happy that Disney didn’t target this film for 7 year old girls. 

The way that Disney expanded on the Frozen universe was excellent. The mythology vibe that the film had and getting to know the origin’s of Elsa’s powers got me really intrigued in the story. 

We were given a pretty complex background on Elsa and Anna’s childhood which made us relate, feel more attached and feel a personal connection with them.

Olaf totally stole the show in Frozen 2. In the first film, he sometimes felt a bit too annoying for me but all the jokes that were made in Frozen 2 are impossible not to laugh at. I don’t know if it was Josh Gad (voice actor of Olaf), the script or both of them together but jokes worked very well in the script and didn’t ruin the mood of the story. 

The animation in Toy Story 4 was unbelievable; and Disney has done it again with Frozen 2. From the textures, to the lighting, to the costume designs, to the sound design, to the overall aesthetic of the sets is simply jaw dropping. This film is worth the watch just to stare at the animation. 

Disney has done it again with a killer soundtrack and musical score. Songs like Into the Unkown, Show Yourself, Some Things Never Change and musical scores like Dark Sea, Epilogue and The Flood made the movie simply shine. 

Let’s move over to the bad.

The structure of the overall script was the worst factor of the film without a doubt. The first act and second act were good yet felt too long if we compare it to the third act. The third act was excellent but was way too short which made you feel like it just ended too quickly. 

The story felt too complicated for kids as well. There were so many things that happened in the film that were too complex to understand for kids and in the end of the day, this film is for kids.

Let’s take a moment to talk about Kristoff. He spent 80% of the film trying to propose to Anna which felt pretty annoying and extremely immature.

Frozen 2 is a solid addition to the Disney lineup, filled with tons of unforgettable moments, an incredible soundtrack, beautiful visuals, great characters and a very intriguing story. I’m going to give the film 4 stars for it’s lack of well defined structure of the script. If you love Disney; go watch it, you will love it. 


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