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Every Character John Ratzenberger Has Played In Pixar Films

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John Ratzenberger has had a great career that has lasted for over forty years. He has had the opportunity and pleasure of voice acting in every single feature film by Pixar, including the new movie Onward, and Kernel is going to take you on a journey to bring to light every single one of his amazing roles.

Hamm – Toy Story Films

The sarcastic, skeptical piggy bank stars in every single Toy Story to help main character Woody through his troubles, including the video game versions, animated story book, and spin off shorts.

P.T. Flea – A Bug’s Life

The greedy, short-tempered flea who runs the circus of bugs that help the main character Flik defeat the evil Grasshopper Hopper in A Bug’s Life, was apparently one of John’s favorite characters to play.

Yeti – Monsters, Inc.

Who could ever forget the friendly not-so-abominable snowman Yeti, who rescues Mike from the harsh cold and offers his homemade lemon flavored sno-cones? He later appears in Monsters University as the supervisor in the mailroom.  

Moonfish – Finding Nemo

The impressionist school of moonfish that attempt to make Dory feel better after she and Marlon get into an argument in Finding Nemo, was voiced by John when one of the fish named Ted replies to Dory that he also has relatives in Sydney. 

The Underminer – The Incredibles Films

Remember that goofy villain who drills his way up from underground to get revenge on the surface world by waging war on peace and happiness at the end of the first The Incredibles? He is also included in the very beginning of The Incredibles 2 movie where the cliffhanger ends and he faces off against the family of supers. 

Mack – Cars Films

The confident, goal oriented semi-truck from the Cars films (and videogames) who has the pleasure of driving main character Lightning McQueen to all of his races, and sets up the beginning plot of the first movie by falling asleep on the road.

Mustafa – Ratatouille

This skittish waiter is constantly on his toes when it comes to the demanding critics and customers alike, and often panics at the request of anything new on the menu. Until realizing that Linguini (actually Remi) is modifying the once horrible menu for the better, he is consistently testing Linguini’s skills.

John – WALL•E

John, a side character who’s an overweight passenger that WALL•E encounters while in pursuit of the robot EVE on the Axiom spaceship. WALL•E accidentally spills his drink and brings him a new one, and John falls in love with a woman named Mary while watching WALL•E and EVE dance outside of the spaceship. He is one of the first people to step back on earth at the end in 700 years. 

Construction Worker Tom – Up

Not a particularly important character in the movie, but John voices the mustached construction worker who tries to convince the main character Carl to move into the retirement home Shady Oaks, so that his house’s land can be used for the shopping mall.

Gordon – Brave

Gordon is the old man with the gray beard who guards the door alongside Martin, and is in charge of announcing the arrival of the Lords before getting smacked in the face by the door just as he finishes speaking. He is also involved in the bear fight scene, and is stricken down by the powerful beast. He does manage to survive like everyone else though. This character is not well known to be played by John on account that he uses a Scottish accent.

Fritz – Inside Out

Yet another character sporting a mustache, Fritz is the aquamarine colored Mind Worker who installs a new console after Riley, the main character hits puberty. He installs a button for her new stage of life.

Earl – The Good Dinosaur

The gray, scruffy looking velociraptor who is part of Bubbha’s gang of velociraptors, and one that seems a bit off. He is one of the antagonists in the film. 

Bill – Finding Dory

Bill is the orange pessimistic crab who Dory runs into asking for information. He sits on a small mound and uses his claw to slowly cut the grass. 

Juan Ortodoncia – Coco

Juan is one of the skeletons who arrive from the Land of the Dead, who is able to cross through to the Land of the Living on account of his dentist’s ofrenda. He only has one line in the film, “Gracias.”

Construction Worker Felix – Onward

Unfortunately, there isn’t a picture of this character yet. The newest character for John to voice is Felix, the purplish, one-eyed construction worker who yells at Barley for getting in the way of the destruction of the stone fountain he’s examining.

What character on this list is your favorite? Did you know any of these characters to be voiced by John Ratzenberger? Let us know by leaving a comment @AppKernel on Twitter, and remember to add the new Pixar movie Onward to your Watchlist on the Kernel App!  

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