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‘Doom Patrol’ Season 2 Review – New Level Of Crazy

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DCTV is on a roll putting out so many amazing shows, and Doom Patrol is truly one of the best. Never while watching a show have I been just so amazed at what is happening on screen than I have with this show. Most of the time when I was watching I either had a big smile on my face, or I was in utter shock at what was unfolding in front of me. The budget for this show is huge as they are able to pull off some incredible things with VFX. The characters throughout this show are also all amazing and each one is so complex that after a full first season, we are still learning about them. And the actors seriously become their characters, I don’t see the actors when I watch the show, I just see their characters.

Now there are a few things to note if you haven’t seen the first season of the show yet. The first is Doom Patrol is a super weird show, but that’s what makes it so unique and separates it from other comic-book shows. The other thing is the first season is too long, at 15 episodes it drags in points and is just too many episodes for a streaming show. The sweet spot for streaming shows are 8-10 episodes, and luckily that’s exactly the amount season 2 has with 9 episodes in total. You can already tell the second season is moving a lot faster, which is a good thing because there’s less downtime, and it’s more bingeable. That being said, I watched the first three episodes all in one sitting, but I do think it will make a good weekly show as well because big things happen each week.

Brendan Fraser as Robotman

The thing I love most about this show is the ambition. This show is so ambitious, and because of its huge budget, what this show is able to pull off is honestly incredible. The VFX are so good and they are used a lot throughout the show. The best example of this was when the Candlemaker showed up, he is so well-realized and he looked so amazing, that I actually had to rewind the scene just to see all the amazing details. Also, when Dorothy’s “imaginary friends” come out to play, its definitely a sight to see, as each one is so well designed and brought to life. This was the first time while I was watching a comic book show that I didn’t feel it was limited in any way by its budget.

This show has such a unique vibe that it really is a one of a kind piece of entertainment. The set design is fantastic with standouts being Doom Manor, Victorian England, The Underground, and, of course, miniature world. In the beginning, when all the characters are small, it’s not just with VFX, but the show actually created sets that were huge versions of small things, like Cliff’s mini race track. All the characters also look fantastic, especially the villains, like Dr. Tyme and Red Jack. The world of Doom Patrol is just so unique and a lot of fun to explore, the show always finds ways to impress its audience, sometimes with VFX and sometimes with practical effects.

Jane (Diane Guerrero) and Dr. Tyme (Brandon Perea)

The characters in Doom Patrol are some of the best, well-developed comic book characters of all time. All the characters are complex and I was surpassed that after a full season, the show is still revealing new key details about each of the characters. Like Cliff’s relationship with his daughter, which was explored in the first season, is still going on with a lot of important developments. I also liked exploring the other half of Larry’s life, the first season the show explored a lot about his relationship with John and we got closure on that, now we are exploring what happened to his immediate family. I still feel Jane’s a tad annoying and I don’t personally love The Underground, but I’m interested to see where her story goes.

Also, I can’t believe The Chief is actually a complex character, when the first season ended I thought he was just horrible, but now I actually see where he might be coming from. And his daughter Dorothy, is such an amazing new character. I not only love her relationship with The Chief, but I love her interactions with all the Doom Patrol members, especially Rita and Jane. Rita is my favorite character, and while she is back with a little bit more screentime, shes always stuck tagging along on other people’s adventures, instead of having her own, which makes me a little sad but maybe someday. However, I do like her quest to become a superhero, that’s a storyline that I am very excited to explore. Cyborg is also excellent, but I do feel he’s a little too whiny all the time, I get why but I just feel it’s weighing the character down. I am also interested to see where his storyline goes with his new friend Roni, so far I’m not loving it, but again let’s see where it goes.

The Chief (Timothy Dalton) and Red Jack (Roger Floyd)

And while the characters are amazing, it’s all thanks to the incredible actors. There is not one bad actor throughout the whole show, but there are a lot of standouts. April Bowlby as Rita Far is so good, she is so likable and she really sells the classic movie star vibe. Also, despite Jane being a pretty annoying character, Diane Guerrero is electric and is a very versatile actress, which is good because shes playing a plethora of different people, and she pulls it off. Even though big names Brendan Fraser and Matt Boomer just do the voices and appear in the flashbacks, they are still 100% committed and do fantastic work, its not just a paycheck gig for them.

Timothy Dalton as The Chief is great casting, he’s really likable and you want to like his character so bad, adding to the complexity of the situation. Dorothy, who is supposed to be a young child, is actually played by 20-year-old Abigail Shapiro, but because Shapiro has a medical condition that makes her look physically younger, combined with a lot of makeup and her fantastic performance, she is able to play a little girl. Shapiro is seriously amazing in this role and it’s great that this show is giving opportunities so such a diverse amount of actors. On that note, this show has great representation across the board. Larry is a great gay character and the whole Danny the Street aspect puts a spotlight on the LGBT community in such a good way.

Abigail Shapiro as Dorothy

The main storylines for Doom Patrol Season 2 are all off to a very interesting start and I’m excited to see where each story goes. So far, I am most interested to see The Candlemaker return as he looked just so fantastic and his story seems very intriguing. I am also interested to see what they do with Jane as so far it seems the show is setting up something, so let’s see what happens. And again, the story is moving along at a much quicker rate because of the lower episode count, and I can already see them planting seeds for future plot points. The flashbacks are also back, and the show is keeping it fresh by exploring new parts of the character’s lives, especially with Larry. Each episode almost feels like a mini-movie because of the scale and episodic nature, but the show also has a lot of ongoing storylines. In addition to all of that, the show does a great job of switching between comedy and drama, because while the show is serious at times, its also really funny.

Overall, Doom Patrol is just a fantastic show and this season successfully improves upon the first. This season gives us more of what we love, mixed with exciting new elements and characters. The ambition of this show is incredible and it is in no way held back by its budget. In fact, the budget of the show allows for some fantastic visuals, especially The Candlemaker. It’s so great to see all the characters return, who are each portrayed by a fantastic, diverse cast. Dorothy, played by Abigail Shapiro is a great new addition and the new villains were really cool to see. This new season also introduces interesting new storylines for Larry, Jane, Rita, Robotman, The Cheif, and Cyborg, and I’m excited to see where they all go. Doom Patrol is a super weird show, but that’s why it’s so special, I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a good watch.

Rita (April Bowlby) and Larry (Matt Bomer)

Rating: ★★★★★

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