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Disney+: What Is It Like So Far?

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Much like many people, Disney played an important role in my childhood. From watching their animated movies, to going to the theme parks, and even making doodles of my favorite characters. Then in September 2017 Bob Iger, the CEO of Disney, announced that they were in the making of their own streaming service to be called Disney+. I was thrilled. Disney+ would be a collection of past original televised shows, their classic films and of course a new line of original shows. Disney+ would cost $6.99 a month or one yearly payment of $69.99.

It was on November 12, 2019 that Disney+ finally hit our screens. With a surprising number of 10 million subscribers within the first 24 hours, Disney had successfully broke into the streaming service world.

Fast forward to present day, a few days after their four month anniversary, Disney+ will soon be making it’s second debut to the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Italy. Here is my take on Disney+ and my experience with the streaming service so far.

The Pros:

The User Interface

Disney did an exceptional job with the user interface. Even though it doesn’t differ much from Netflix or Hulu, it still provides 4K HDR to their newer movies and shows with no extra cost. With offline viewing and a main menu you can easily browse headings such as: Originals, Trending, Collections, Documentaries, and Out Of The Vault. Disney made sure to add simplicity along with quality.

Favorites from the Past

Before I truly knew what Disney+ plans were going to be, nostalgia was a huge driving force for me to subscribe. Prior to Disney+, many of my favorite childhood shows were only available on Youtube. It was satisfying to know that with this streaming service I could have all my favorites readily available in one place. With Disney+ comes an extensive collection of movies and shows that is sure to please audiences of all ages.

Original Content

As promised, subscribers were able to gain access to Disney+ original shows and movies. At the time of launch, Disney + was limited to six original series and two featured films. Personally, I was highly anticipating The Mandalorian, a series that is set after the fall of the empire in Return of The Jedi. After watching the first episode I realized Disney + had more to offer.

Another series that peaked my interest was The World According To Jeff Goldblum. In each episode we follow actor Jeff Goldblum as he deeply explores different items that have changed our world. He covers topics such as sneakers, denim, ice cream, and tattoos. This is another original program that shows that Disney + has much more to offer than our favorite shows from childhood.

What The Future Holds For Original Content

In the early stages of Disney + it was announced that they would be continuing the Marvel Cinematic Universe through upcoming shows on their service. Marvel fans have been anxiously awaiting the release of titles such as, Falcon and the Winter Soldier, WandaVision, Loki, What IF…?, Hawkeye, Moon Knight, and She-Hulk.

The MCU won’t be the only project to make it onto the streaming service. The Mandalorian will be returning with it’s second season in October 2020. Also highly anticipated is the Obi- Wan Kenobi series, Monsters At Work, Dolphin Reef, Mighty Ducks the series, and Gaston and LeFou. These titles are set to be released sometime this year or early 2021.

The Cons:

With the exception of Star Wars and Marvel related content, Disney+ has made the decision to keep all things rated PG-13 or lower. Regrettably that has caused creators to lose interest in the new originals or consider moving them to another streaming service.

Not For Disney+

The anticipated reboot Lizzie McGuire was to follow a thirty year old Lizzie as she deals with realistic journey through adulthood. Unfortunately with creator differences and the exit of leading producer Terry Minsky, Lizzie became one of those series to be put on a definite hold since it was claimed to be too mature.

Another show that was deemed to be too mature for Disney+ was the rebooted version High Fidelity. Originally pitched as a PG-13 series that follows a passionate music store owner named Rob, the show Robin uses music as a release from the daily struggles she faces while running her business. However as production continued the creators realized that a mature tone was going to be the success of this reboot. Disney+, wanting to keep their content light, let go of High Fidelity which allowed creators to thrive on Hulu.

Love, Victor follows a teenage Victor as he navigates through the struggles of home life, his sexual preference, and self awareness. Based off the film Love, Simon, this spin-off was transferred to Hulu do to the reference of drugs, alcohol, marital problems, and the conversations of sex.

Finding The Right Content

A feature of the user interface that has left me a bit disappointed is the repeated recommendations on every category. With their huge library, I feel they could do a better job marketing a variety of titles to their users.

Release Window

The recent early release of Frozen 2, has me wishing that all upcoming films set to be released on digital would hit Disney+ in a matter of weeks instead of months. Right now it takes a while for a movie to release on Disney+, even after it has been released on home video.

Final Word:

Overall Disney+ is a great streaming service that has delivered on what it promised, a dedicated site where their expanded collection is all in one place.

If you are like me and nostalgia is playing a big part in you choosing to subscribing to Disney+, I say go for it! You won’t be disappointed. If it’s original shows like The Mandalorian that is driving you, I would recommend the seven day trial and possibly wait for the original shows that will hopefully be released in the near future.

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