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Disney+ Releases New Short ‘Out’ Featuring Pixar’s First Gay Main Character

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Though Pixar has had some issues with LGBTQ representation in previous efforts such as Onward, their Sparkshorts franchise on Disney Plus is certainly heading in the right direction.

According to Digital Spy, their newest short film Out (billed as “a true story”), features the animation studio’s first gay main character Greg, who is moving in with his boyfriend Manuel. When his parents turn up unexpectedly to him out with the move, he tries to hide any evidence of his relationship, as they do not know yet. But when a mystical cat and dog appear through a rainbow and Greg switches latter, he learns that his greatest fears may have been already unfounded.

Fans took to social media to praise the heartwarming short, written and directed by Steven Clay Hunter, who is known for his animation work on previous Pixar films (i.e. Finding Nemo, Toy Story 4). Check out the reactions and trailer below!

Do you think Pixar will have better LGBTQ representation in their films, as a result of Out? What projects should they pursue next?  Let us know in the comments section of our website or on our Twitter and Instagram accounts and stay tuned to Kernel for all the latest Disney Plus updates.

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