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Disney+ Makes Minor Modifications To ‘Toy Story 2’, ‘Splash’ & ‘Lilo & Stitch’

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Disney + continues its recent surge of censorship in the pursuit to maintain its family-friendly streaming service status. The censorship of Daryl Hannah’s bare butt in the movie Splash inspired this pursuit. However, a strange move by Disney since the unedited Splash has been on the service since February. Only extra intuitive viewers noticed the edit when extra CGI hair cover Daryl Hannah’s character’s backside. Disney spokesman informed viewers a few scenes we’re edited to prevent nudity.

Toy Story 2 has a raunchy post-credits sequence where character Stinky Pete flirts with two Barbie dolls implying he can get them some roles in the next movie for some personal favors. The scene was first removed on the Blu-ray and DVD to run smoothly with the tie in of Toy Story 4. Recently the sequence has been deleted in respect of the MeToo movement.

Lilo and Stich received a rather odd edit, it’s a subtle change but opens the door for questioning on how some of these edits are being made. During a fight with her sister, Lilo hides out in the laundry room and finds separation inside the dyer. However, this isn’t the case with the edited version as Lilo climbs into a pizza box.

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