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Disney+ Launches in The Netherlands – First Look!

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Today’s the day! At least, if you live in the Netherlands because Disney+ has finally launched here! It’s the first country worldwide to be able to use Disney’s new streaming service. Rather surprisingly, Disney has launched the service this morning without any previous announcement at all. I, of course, created an account this morning as soon as possible and here are my first impressions.

The App

The app feels really slick and modern. The interface is similar to the one of Netflix, with horizontally sliding images and dedicated tabs at the bottom. The interface for seeing information about a film or TV show is nicely detailed with images and text. Many films also offer extra’s and are available to watch in many different languages. You can choose many avatars for your accounts, consisting of many Disney characters. You can of course, also create your own watchlist.

The Content

The content that is in Disney+ right now is surprisingly great! Pretty much every movie released in 2018 or earlier is found. So you can watch films like Mary Poppins Returns and Ralph Breaks The Internet, but no Captain Marvel or Aladdin remake as of now, although that will probably change when the service releases in more countries on November 12th. That means the entire MCU (except Spider-Man Homecoming), Star Wars, Pixar and Disney classics catalog are available to stream. Also included are many of Disney’s animated sequels and live action remakes. Content from National Geographic is offered as well, with several Muppets films available as well (which I’m very happy with). I haven’t found anything that is not offered in HD yet and several of the newer films (Avengers Infinity War, Solo) are offered in 4K HDR (including Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision if your device supports it). Interestingly, several films that have not been released earlier in 4K are offered as well such as Rogue One, Christopher Robin and both Princess Diaries movies (for those really looking forward to 4K versions of those).

The TV series content is plentiful as well, although it mostly consists of Disney Channel shows right now. Sadly, The Simpsons are not offered here yet, although there are many shows from National Geographic. There are some older shows as well, such as DuckTales (the reboot is available as well) and ome of the 90’s Marvel animated TV shows (Spider-Man, X-Men).

To put it shortly, if there’s anything Disney you want to see, you can find it on Disney+.

Streaming Quality

The quality is great, especially the 4K HDR content. However, one bug that I currently have is that the audio is a bit out of sync with the video on my Apple TV. Hopefully this will get fixed soon. Otherwise, quality is great and comparable to other streaming services.


The current version of Disney+ is a great way for the company to start and test its streaming capabilities. The available content is massive and should entice every Disney fan. Even without the new and exclusive content, such as The Mandalorian and Noelle, this service is absolutely with the €6,99 a month. Although we don’t have to pay that yet, since it will be free until November 12th. If you are excited about Disney+, you should be because it’s really good. 

Thanks for reading, I’m gonna continue my Ducktales marathon right now. Be sure to follow Kernel on Twitter to keep up with the latest film news!

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