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David Harbour Says Red Guardian in ‘Black Widow’ ‘Was the Captain America of His Day for Russia’

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David Harbour has opened up about his character Red Guardian in the upcoming film “Black Widow” from Marvel Studios in an interview

Harbour said,

He’s this guy who is closely linked to Natasha back in the day. I don’t think it’s been quite revealed exactly how, but I think you can see in the family dynamic that he was a bit of a fatherly figure to her. And many years go by, and he’s past his prime.

So he gets back into his superhero outfit, and it still fits, but it’s a little tighter than before. I think the great thing about the Red Guardian is he really is– he was the Captain America of his day for Russia. And he was the great hope of Russia, in a certain sense

In the Marvel Comics, Red Guardian first appeared in 1967’s “Avengers” #43, which was written by Roy Thomas and drawn by John Buscema.

That particular storyline saw the Black Widow kidnapped by villain Colonel Ling. When The Avengers attempt a rescue, Red Guardian sees his opportunity to prove himself better than his American counterpart – Captain America.

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