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‘Dark Waters’ Review – How Can It Be True?

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Dark Waters tells the shocking true story of how a corporate company is fuelled with corruption which leads to a small town having its entire water supply infected with dangerous chemicals. The fact that I’ve wrote that sentence as this is a true story is shocking to say the least but this crime thriller was very very good.

The movie opens and we see Mark Ruffalo star as a corporate lawyer who works for a law firm specialised in representing major chemical companies in the US. Ruffalo gets approached by a local farmer (who is a neighbour of his grandma) asking can he help his as he believes his cattle has been poisoned by the giant company DuPont.

The movie starts off in the early 80’s and does a very good and noticeable job at progressing through time. Even though it tells you the current year at various moments throughout the movie it doesn’t really need to as you’re told by clothing fashion, technology and vehicles. The colour grading also gets altered as you progress into the 90’s and early noughties and this is very well done and quite frankly a breathe of fresh air.

The plot of the movie is good and as I said in my opening statement is just damn right shocking how this was allowed? Whenever you go into watching a movie and are aware it is true I think you automatically perceive that and create an ideology in your head. I thought however that the story was well written and had a nice consistent pace throughout.

Anne Hathaway was a pleasant surprise to see on screen although her role in this movie was very short lived. I think she only actually appeared in 3 or 4 scenes and I thought the casting of her was unnecessary as her role and amount of screen time was rather short. I feel they could’ve hired a less profile actress and it would not have made any difference to the outcome of the movie itself.

The amount of females in this movie actually is pretty shocking, it does seem to feature heavily on male characters with females acting as stand ins on many occasions.

Overall I’ve decided to give this movie a mediocre 3 stars it was very nicely paced and to the point. I thought the casting of Mark Ruffalo was excellent and the screenplay to be fantastic. My only negative however was the lack of promo for this movie as I believe it deserved much more given its message and Anne Hathaway was an all round disappointment to me.

Final Rating: ★★★☆☆

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