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‘Cats’ finances are going from bad to worse

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After the release in December 20, ‘Cats’ finances haven’t been so good. Now according to Deadline Hollywood ( the movie based in Andrew Lloyd Webber stage musical and directed by Tom Hooper is bound to lose at least $71M, also it must be added that the budget was $95M so we can say for now that the movie was a total fail.

Despite its cast full of a variety of well-known actors like Idris Elba and James Corden, even with singers like Taylor Swift and Jason Derulo, the movie couldn’t be successful. This may happen because some few things…. first the late marketing and the release date where not the best because ‘Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker‘ also was release at that time.

Another reason could be the concept of the movie, for some people specially for the critics it had a confusing storyline and the development was bizarre. Also, the IMDb was 2.7/10 so you can guess that the movie was very disappointing. In addition to that if you want to know our review of the movie, we leave it here.

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