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Cate Blanchett Cast As Lead Role In Borderlands Movie Adaptation

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Cate Blanchett has been cast as Lilith, one of the main character in the Borderlands video game in the film adaptation (via Screenrant). Eli Roth is directing and previously worked with Blanchett for The House with a Clock in Its Walls (2018) which was also an adaptation, that time it was from the novel written by John Bellairs.

The Borderlands video game series has three installments, the third of which came out late last year, however Blanchett’s Lilith character was only a lead role in the first game. Lilith was reduced to an NPC (Non-playable character) in the second and third. She is part of the ‘Siren’ class, one of six women with incredible powers. Although she may not have been a character available to players for the last two games, she is still an important part of the Borderlands mythos and is confirmed as the lead role in Roth’s movie.

Eli Roth, who is a relatively unknown name with credits such as Cabin Fever (2002) and Death Wish (2018) his most memorable films prior to The House with a Clock in Its Walls will be hoping for success in what could promise to be a blockbuster. Bringing two-time academy winner Cate Blanchett on board for the project surely can’t hurt your chances, and perhaps there will be more star names to come.

The film is currently in the early stages of pre-production with no dates set for shooting nor a release date. However casting news most likely shows things are nearing conclusion at this stage and some concrete dates and other such announcements may only be around the corner.

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