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Brittany Runs A Marathon Review- Brittany learns to run and we learn to relate.

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Britany Runs a Marathon shows a new side to adversity and determination. Throughout this film she learns to run and in doing so, she runs us through a ton of emotion.

Jillian Bell, who plays Brittany in this film, has previously played a few comedic spots. My favourite being in twenty-two jump street where she brought a ton of laughs and chemistry. In this role, she pulls the magic out of the hat and nails that comedic chemistry again. At the beginning of the movie, she is at a place in her life where she is making some pretty bad decisions. These decisions are leaving her to feel empty and as the bad decisions catch up with her health-wise, the emptiness turns to fear and anxiety. By having this anxiety a chain of events occurs internally that lead her down a path of learning to run.

As easy and simple as that sounds, it’s not and the way that they show that is brilliant. Even after overcoming the first hurdle of learning how to run, she hits a few speed bumps and feels defeated. The whole movie depicts the struggles she has and we have on a felt basis when it comes to how comfortable we are with ourselves and the image people have of us. That’s actually the best part of this movie is that right off the bat this movie is geared toward raw emotion but the good thing about that is that you can relate. Whether Its because your overweight or unhealthy, you find a connection with her journey and how she struggles the entire time. Another great aspect of this movie is the connection between the characters themselves. Each actor nailed the chemistry they were trying to have especially utkarsh ambudkar who plays a “housemate” of Brittany’s. He always brings a refreshing personality like in pitch-perfect or ride along 2.

The only thing I noticed that left me disappointed was the camera angles. This movie is through Amazon and would be one that played at a film festival but still, the chopped up movement of the camera left me wanting something smoother. She does move a lot and they try their best to capture it but it seems like someone is holding the camera by her and running as well.

Overall, I was impressed by how inspiring and heartwarming this film is. The power it brings with the simple message of adversity is awesome. Although the message and connections can be seen by everyone, it has a more targeted audience which limits its potential. This movie was definitely one that needed to be made so that people could feel normal about feeling bad after eating cheeseburgers and comparing themselves to others so props to that. If you feel like you want to improve yourself in some way and can’t find motivation, I would definitely take the time to see this movie.



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