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‘Bloodshot’ Review – A Mediocre Adventure

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Following the murder of himself and his wife, a former army soldier is brought back to life by a group of scientists, who train him as a new member of super humans. However, after remembering the man who killed them both, he sets out for revenge, only to discover that those scientists have a much bigger plan ahead.

We have seen this premise before in films like Upgrade, Venom and Deadpool where any regular person can use technology to their own advantage to help people or get revenge on an adversary. And while this film had a lot of good ideas to work with (as this is an adaption of the popular comic book series by Bob Layton, Kevin VanHook, and Don Perlin), it ultimately ruins it’s potential due to its poor execution of the plot and action sequences.

It does not seem like they knew what kind of story they wanted to tell. Yes, it can be entertaining at times, but other than Ryan Garrison, most characters have no background information and the story does not really have a plan in mind. On that note, the marketing for this film was very irresponsible as it spoils most of the material available. The characters are also given little to no motivation and the camera work is a major issue, as well. From the endless jump cuts to the handheld shooting of the film, it proves that this could have been a much better film, if given to someone with more experience. Most of the humor did not work for me, as several jokes fell flat throughout, and some of the acting was very noticeable, due to some bad dialogue.

That being said, the second half of the movie is a lot more exciting overall, even with its generic storyline. After the audience discovers key information of Garrison’s past, leading to an entertaining third act, with some interesting subtext on humanity and salvation. The CGI is actually pretty good, even though it can rely on it too much. It is more of a guilty pleasure watch, since it does not take itself too seriously. So if you are wanting to have some fun, amidst these current times, it will give you exactly that. However, there is no denying that this film could have been so much better, as it is generic through most of the run time and does not expand upon its setting in even the slightest way.

Overall, Bloodshot is an okay movie, but it wastes all of its potential on exposition, instead of showing us why this needed to exist in the first place. There are certain things to enjoy throughout, but the technical work and uneven plot make it hard to truly love. There is no telling what another studio might be able to do with this property, but until then, we are left with a mostly generic action movie that most audiences have already seen before.

Final Rating: ★★★☆☆

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