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Black Widow Trailer Breakdown

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The long-awaited Black Widow trailer has finally arrived and there is a ton to break down. This movie is a big deal as it is the first to kick-off Marvel’s phase 4. Fans have also waited an extremely long time for Black Widow to get her own movie and now its finally here. Furthermore, this trailer introduces several key elements to the story such as Budapest, Taskmaster, Red Guardian, and more. So without further a due, let’s break down this thing!


While Avengers: Age of Ultron was overall a mixed bag for many fans, one of the best things to come out of that movie was the Black Widow flashbacks. As many fans suspected, the Black Widow movie will feature many flashbacks to her past. While only flashbacks from other movies were included, it is likely that the movie will feature original flashbacks to back up the story. More flashbacks from her experiences in the Red Room will probably be included as it was really only teased in Age of Ultron. We will also probably get flashbacks of how she got to the Red Room, and how she escaped.

Enter Budapest

The trailer opens with a skyline shot of the city of Budapest, the capital of Hungary. Budapest has played a big part in hinting at the mysterious past of Black Widow. It was first teased in The Avengers between Clint and Natasha and instantly became a huge talking point with fans. Just recently it was also mentioned in Avengers: Endgame, and now hopefully we will finally get some answers. As we know this movie takes place after Captain America: Civil War, and follows Natasha on the run. Perhaps she still has some connections in Budapest and goes there to lay low. Hopefully, we will also get some flashbacks to see what actually happened there.

Meet Yelena Belova

Natasha Romanoff is in fact not the only Black Widow, there are others. Yelena Belova is another famous Black Widow from the comics and is played here by Florence Pugh. It seems by the trailer Yelena also escaped the Red Room and needs to return with Natasha. However, in the comics, Yelena is sometimes a villain and here she could be working with the Red Room to lore Natasha back. Fans also suspect that Yelena could become the new main Black Widow after Natasha’s death. Perhaps taking over the Black Widow franchise and maybe even appearing alongside the new Avengers. However, fans have also pointed out in some shots she is seen wearing the same vest Natasha wears in Avengers: Infinity War, leading fans to speculate that either Yelena gives it to Natasha, or perhaps she dies and Natasha takes it.

Red Guardian

One of the most interesting parts of the upcoming Black Widow movie will definitely be David Harbor’s Red Guardian. Red Guardian is basically Russia’s failed version of Captain America. Alexei Shostakov used to be an astronaut for the Russians, who then agreed to become their version of Captain America. It will be interesting to see if the Russians were indeed able to replicate the super-soldier serum. This trailer also hints that Red Guardian has been out of the action for a while, so it will be intriguing to find out why he retired, and what convinces him to come back.

New Costumes

Much to fans’ excitement, Black Widow is seen sporting several new costumes throughout the trailer. The first costume is a black and grey suit, with padding for protection. It’s bulkier than Black Widow’s traditional suits but it also probably contains some interesting features. She is seen wearing this around some sort of crash so maybe the strap going across is a parachute. Natasha is also seen wearing a white suit which is also from the comics. In the comics, it is a suit designed by the Red Room to keep their operatives hidden in snowy environments. It does seem she is using it in a snowy location, likely to sneak up on some kind of secret base. The question is without shield and the Red Room, how is she getting these new suits? Maybe she is secretly working with the Red Room. Whatever is happening it will certainly be interesting to find out.


It seems one of the main villains in this movie will indeed be Taskmaster. Taskmaster is a hitman with the ability to mimic any movement he sees. This allows him to copy people’s fighting styles making him a fierce opponent. Here it is likely that he has been tasked by the Red Room to hunt down Natasha and Yelena. Task Master is also seen wielding a bow in what looks to be the city of Budapest, so maybe Clint and Natasha went up against him before, and that’s how he knows how to use the bow.

The Red Room

The Red Room is a key aspect of Black Widow’s backstory, and it seems it will play a large role in this movie. We see it first through the flashbacks from Age of Ultron, and then again later in the trailer. The room we see later in the trailer seems to be more updated and modern. It is rumored that the plot of this movie will center around the Red Room tracking down Yelena and Natasha. Also in the trailer, it looks like the Red Room is training a new generation of Black Widows with new high-tech gadgets. Perhaps the movie will end with Yelena and Natasha taking down the Red Room as Natasha has mentioned, they make you do some pretty bad stuff.

General Ross Returns

William Hurt as General Thunderbolt Ross also returns in this trailer. Now at a first glance, it might seem like he is after Natasha after the events of Civil War, which could still be the case, however he looks noticeably de-aged in that shot. In fact, he seems to look younger than he did in Civil War. Now that could just be how the shot looks, but this could also be some kind of flashback before Civil War. Maybe he is confronting Natasha and Clint after Budapest, or maybe he has some kind of connection to the Red Room. However, it could also be he just seems younger than he really is, and this is indeed after the events of Civil War. Only time will tell.

The Mysterious Melina

Melina Vostokoff can also be seen in several points throughout the trailer played here by Rachel Weiz. In the comics, Melina became the super-spy known as Iron Maiden, who develops a hatred for Natasha after she gets tired of living in her shadow. However, in this version, Weiz has confirmed that Melina is another Black Widow who went through the Red Room with Natasha. Maybe Melina and Natasha used to be friends, but after Natasha left her and achieved fame through the Avengers, she got jealous. But it seems in the trailer Melina is working with Natasha, so maybe she is a double agent for the Red Room secretly working to take Natasha out. Whatever direction they go with, it will certainly be interesting.

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