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Dwayne Johnson Reveals ‘Black Adam’ Has Been In Development Since 2008

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For a long time there have been rumors and theories regarding the long anticipated Black Adam movie. Recently Dwayne Johnson stated on Instagram that development has been going on since 2008. 13 years of preparation has all led up to this movie. It is unclear why it has taken this long, most likely due to Johnson’s busy schedule, and the DCEU trying to sort out a few things first.

The movie is a Shazam spin-off, and origin story for his most worthy foe, Black Adam. The movie is said to have multiple DC characters such as Hawkgirl, and Stargirl, and will even set up the Justice Society of America. The release date is December 22 2021, and will be directed by Jaume Collet-Serra who directs such films as Jungle Cruise, and Non-stop. The film is the first villain led DCEU movie and first superhero film for Dwayne Johnson.

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