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Billie Eilish’s theme song for ‘No Time To Die’ is RELEASED!

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Ahead of the release for the next James Bond film, “No Time To Die“, Billie Eilish, who was tasked with recording the title theme for the film, has officially released the song.

In a style that we’ve come to know with the last few James Bond films, Eilish sings a ballad with some light electronic elements but mostly acoustic instruments. She also joins Adele, Sam Smith, Paul McCartney, and Louis Armstrong as being performers for the title theme in the franchise.

Billie and her brother Finneas at the Grammy’s earlier this year. Photo by Jeff Kravtiz for Variety.

The song was written by Billie Eilish and her brother and frequent collaborator Finneas. It was produced by Finneas and Stephen Lipson, with orchestral arrangements by Hans Zimmer (who is scoring the film itself) and Matt Dunkley, with the guitar performed by Johnny Marr.

You can listen to the song in Apple Music here, and make sure to add “No Time To Do Die” to your Kernel watchlist!

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