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Beautiful Day in The Neighborhood Review – Not at all what I expected

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I myself am a bit younger and did not watch Mr. Rogers growing up, but hundreds of thousands did. One thing I did find interesting is the show is not advertised one bit (despite some thinking it acts like one) as a children’s show. He is talking to everyone. Kids, Adults, Older Adults, anyone tuning in. He, as he says in the movie, trys to help the world deal with their feelings. Even going over darker topics like divorce, war, and even death, all while in his bright and colorful home.

As far as the movie goes, Tom Hanks did amazing, I (like I mentioned earlier) don’t really know how to compare Fred Rogers to Tom Hanks but regardless, he did great. The journalist, Lloyd (Matthew Rhys), did a great job aswell. The cast was pretty small, but was still great. 

Before I just jump into the good and the bad, I will say almost the whole movie is about the journalist interviewing Fred Rogers. So if you were expecting it to be all about him, and mostly the show, well you’ll be a little surprised. Though I was confused at first, I still loved the film.

The Good.

As I went over, the cast had no problems, did great. They had the entire set, the exact same way, the little city and the main set. The intro was the same, the music. They even remembered to render the show parts in an older square format with lower quality. I almost cried during a few scenes, just for how Fred Rogers was such a nice person. The film really does a good job explaining the life of Fred. Lloyd, the journalist, questions Mr. Rogers in one scene with usual press like “Are you in this for the money, fame, etc.?” And he says explains no and starts playing with his puppets, which he explains he never wants to replace no matter how old they are.

So props to all that.

The Bad.

If it sounded like I struggled to go over the good well it’s hard to highlight some stuff, everything was great. On that note, the first half of the movie was pretty slow, not to mention for the 4th time how I was surprised it was mostly about the journalist. I don’t really have anything to expand on for bad. It was literally so simple.

“A Beautiful Day in The Neighborhood” is not a 3 hour movie you’ll find in Dolby Cinema or IMAX. It was less than 2 hours, and the plot was very simple. You may or may not cry, so. 

A Beautiful Day in The Neighborhood is Now Showing in Theaters.

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