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Bad Education Review- Hugh Jackman nails his role in an emotional story.

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A superintendent of a school district who works for the betterment of the student’s education starts embezzling public funds to live the life he wants.

Though I feel it has a slow start, Bad Education is a pretty enjoyable film. I went in knowing very little and it payed off. The film takes you on a crazy journey.

Not a BBC comedy show starring Jack Whitehall.

There are many moments in the film where Director, Cory Finley manages to make the audience feel uncomfortable really well by what’s going on. This is helped by its score which can seem quite haunting at times. A bit similar to The Farewell at times. 

Hugh Jackman, Allison Janney and all the cast are great in this. However, it’s truly Jackman who shines. 

The film is pretty conflicting on how you should feel about certain characters. It makes you feel as if you should feel bad for the ‘bad guys’ at times, which shows how great the acting must be, for the audience to feel this way. 

The film is brilliantly written and directed, but gets off to a slow start. It’s really fun to watch and will have you feeling so many different emotions while watching it.



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