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Baby Yoda: What We Know So Far

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Since Disney+ came out, and The Mandalorian with it, people are only talking about him: Baby Yoda (or The Child, if you prefer).

One thing is certain: of the same species as Yoda, he is. So he will presumably speak as Yoda does, but we could not be lucky enough to listen at him talking, giving how slow they grow. The Child is the third of this species to appear: in The Phantom Menace you can see Yaddle, a female Jedi Master that sit in the Jedi High Council.

We saw The Child using the Force in Episode 2 of The Mandalorian to stop a Mudhorn, and then falling asleep heavily for some time. His species seems to know really well the ways of the Force but he is still very young and has a lot more to learn.

In the show is said he is 50 years old. Writer and Executive Producer of the show Jon Favreau said that the events are set 5 years after Return of the Jedi, which on the Star Wars calendar is set in 4 ABY (After the Battle of Yavin – A New Hope). This put the show in 9 ABY and Baby Yoda’s birth in 41 BBY (Before the Battle of Yavin) so even before the events of Episode I (occurred in 32 BBY). This also debunks the fan theory saying that he is Yoda’s reincarnation.

Baby Yoda probably won’t appear in films outside Mando’s story: The Rise of Skywalker comes out before the majority of the world gets Disney+ and there’s already a lot on the table, while for future film we will seemingly see what happened in the Old Republic. Disney, however, is considering the idea of a Mandalorian movie, so we could see his sweetness on a big screen.

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