Avengers vs who? Predicting the MCU’s next big villain

The Infinity Saga just ended and it gave us a bunch of great villains, including Thanos who reached his goal snapping out of existance 50% of all living creatures.

The most important question is: Will Marvel be able to create a Thanos-worthy villain able to threatens the Avengers as much as the Mad Titan did? Marvel comics are full of villains, maybe even more threatening than Thanos, and now that Disney owns Fox almost all of them are back in the safe hands of Kevin Feige. So let’s take a look to all the possibilities.


We already saw a version of the Devourer of Worlds in a movie, it was Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer by Tim Story (2007) but he appears only as a ‘giant cloud’ at the end of the film. We will probably see Galactus a lot more than that in the MCU and he could make his first appearance in the second reboot of the Fantastic Four, maybe in a post-credit scene just like Thanos did in The Avengers. Galactus has the right cosmic scale that Marvel is looking for: with films such as The Eternals, Thor: Love and Thunder and Guardians 3 coming in the next few years, the cosmic side of the MCU is getting bigger and we could be introduced to many more planets possibly being eaten by him in the future.


The shapeshifting aliens appeared in this year’s Captain Marvel, but not in the way we knew them: the Skrulls, led by Talos (Ben Mendelsohn), were just searching for a new home. But as Kevin Feige said some months ago “there are good Skrulls and bad Skrulls”, so we can still see a Secret Invasion. There are rumors around Captain Marvel 2 and the possibility of it turning out to be a crossover à la Captain America: Civil War, and this could also be the crossover hinted by Sony and Disney (with the arrangement found back in September) in which Spider-Man is set to appear. As of now is hard to think at the MCU’s Skrulls as long-lasting villain that can embrace an entire saga.


2016’s Doctor Strange introduced us to Dormammu, but at the end Strange was able to bargain with him and he vowed to leave Earth and never come back. Using Dormammu for just one movie, or even less if we think at the screen time, seems like a ‘waste’ of such an important character; plus now Doctor Strange doesn’t have the Time Stone anymore, so it feels like an easy win for the Lord of the Dark Dimension. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will probably deal with Scarlet Witch and Loki messing with realities and multiverse, but in the future nothing will stop Dormammu from attacking other planets (or other Earths in the Multiverse).

Doctor Doom

The King of Latveria already appeared on all three Fox’s Fantastic Four movies, but he never truly convinced audiences giving also the fact that he is Marvel’s greatest villain in the comics. It’s hard to believe that Marvel Studios will use him again on the next Fantastic Four film, so it could pass some years before we see Victor Von Doom trying to attack Reed Richards & co. But there is another possibility: before Disney’s acquisition of Fox, Noah Hawley (who worked on Legion) was working on a Doctor Doom solo film and he recently met Kevin Feige. However nothing positive came out from this meeting (or at least this is what we know so far). With Doctor Doom we probably won’t have a galactic battle as we had with Thanos, but with the right characterization we could finally see the right version of Victor Von Doom.


The Thunderbolts are a group of Super-Villains from the comics led by Baron Helmut Zemo, with the mission to attack the Avengers. However in the comics the Avengers are apparently killed by Onslaught and the world needs new heroes, so they create new identity for themselves and while serving as heroes they would gain the public’s faith they need to rival the status of the Avengers. This is somethingthat could happen in the MCU: as of now there isn’t an official Avengers team and Spider-Man is dealing with Mysterio’s accusations. We also know that Baron Zemo will return in the Disney+ show The Falcon and the Winter Soldier next year, and various members of the team, such as Thaddeus Ross and Ghost, are ready to be recruited. This is probably less appealing than Galactus or Doctor Doom but it’s still very intriguing.

AvsX (Avengers vs. X-Men)

This is not a villain but it would be a giant event for the MCU just like it was for the Marvel Comics Universe back in 2012: make the two greatest superhero team of Marvel history fight one another. In the comics they are divided because the Phoenix Force is approaching Earth: the X-Men think it will proclaim the rebirth of the mutant species whereas the Avengers think it will eradicate life on the planet. This seems unlikely because we’re far from introducing the Mutants both as individuals and as a team, and also because the Phoenix Saga has been overused by Fox in the last 20 years and it would not surprise if Marvel Studios will cover another saga.

Secret Wars

The Comics Universe has seen two different Secret Wars. In 1984 Jim Shooter and Mike Zeck took some heroes and villains to the Battleword: the Beyonder teleported them in this world where they would fight each other, with the winner gaining whatever he wanted from the Beyonder himself. In 2015 Jonathan Hickman and Esad Ribić returned to the Battleworld, but in a different way: various universes were destroyed and Doctor Doom combined the Earths in the Battleworld. Doom elevated himself to God and ruled the Battleword, creating Barons reigning in different region of the planet with the Thor Corps (all the different versions of Thor acting as police force under Sheriff Strange) keeping peace between them. The Russo Brothers said they would return for a Marvel film only if it was about the Secret Wars but we alredy saw a film where heroes battled each other (Civil War) and it’s still fresh in the memory, so it would be a long time before we can see it on theaters; and if Marvel Studios wants to adapt the 2015 version than we’re even further because we still have to meet Doctor Doom and all the alternate versions of the characters.

What villain or storyline do you think we will see in the future of the MCU and what is your favorite from the comics? Let us know in the comments!

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