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‘Avatar’ Sequels Add ‘Harry Potter’s David Thewlis

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Director James Cameron’s (Avatar, Titanic) upcoming sequels to Avatar has cast actor David Thewlis (Harry Potter, Wonder Woman) in an unknown role, though he will be playing one of the film’s Na’vi creatures. (via Digital Spy) According to Screenrant, the actor says he’s set to star in Avatar 3, Avatar 4, and Avatar 5, but not the upcoming 2021 sequel as many fans originally thought.

Thewlis, who is best known for playing Remus Lupin in the Harry Potter franchise said that he can not wait to see what his character will look like in Cameron’s long-awaited sequels.

“I’ve got no idea what my scenes will be like because there are about 16 guys in the room with video cameras but they’re just shooting reference shots for Jim [Cameron] to look at later. I am a Na’vi, I’m a blue thing in it – which I didn’t quite understand when I went to meet [Jim]. I was quite surprised when I got offered that. I’m fascinated to see how I’m going to look, because they sort of make them look a bit like oneself. It’s fantastic!”

– Actor David Thewlis on his role in director James Cameron’s ‘AVATAR 3’ (via Digital Spy)

Despite Thewlis’ experience in films such as War Horse and The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, the actor says that none of them could have prepared him for Cameron’s special-effects heavy environment.

“For the first time, I felt like a total newcomer, like it was my first job. I was on set having been working for 35 years on film sets and I was like, ‘So what do we do? What’s that doing here? Why is he doing that? Do we do it now?’ I felt very naïve. And of course, I was, because none of the rules applied from everything I’ve learned.”

– Actor David Thewlis on working in director James Cameron’s VFX environment (via Digital Spy)

Though anticipation is relatively low for the sequels so far, audiences should be excited for what Cameron will bring to the next phase of cinema.

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