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Aquaman Review- Maybe his powers aren’t so stupid after all

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In my opinion, Aquaman is a fantastic, action-packed movie full of adventure and excitement. I feel like it opens at a perfect point, showing how Arthur’s parents met: the collision of two worlds, through two people on a stormy night. Stormy weather occurs more than once in this movie, particularly in many of the fight scenes, where it helps create an atmosphere of danger. The attention to detail in the opening scenes was great, for example, Atlanna’s reaction to seeing a dog and a TV for the first time.

However, there was some obvious CGI, particularly when Aquaman’s dad was made to look younger in early scenes and when Vulko was training him as a boy. There were some incredible fight scenes, like the one with Atlanna and the Atlantean soldiers in their family home. It was ingeniously choreographed and made to seem as if it was filmed in one take, moving the camera round the room and following her as she destroyed the soldiers, taking quite a bit of the house with her.

Atlantean soldier hanging from the wall by Atlanna’s Trident

When we skip to the future, the scene on the submarine really showed the kind of life Aquaman leads now, fighting underwater crime. It’s also brilliant how David, who came to be Black Manta, survives and avenges his father later in the movie, adding to all the fighting and confusion going on already. There was also some great comedy in there, such as the scene in the bar with the men who wanted a photo with Arthur. It takes a great movie to be able to include comedy without taking away from the action and storyline.

The Wonderful City of Atlantis

When Aquaman is taken into the ocean and introduced to the city of Atlantis – which was incredibly brought to the screen  due to it being full of colour and life – he fights his half brother, Orm. Aquaman has to accept defeat, which isn’t something he’s used to, and he is rescued soon after by King Nereus of Xebel’s daughter, Mera. The Ring of Fire fight is a great sequence, and even more atmospheric underwater with fire, lights and a shouting cheering crowd. The scenes with Arthur and Mera in the desert looking for the location of the trident is very reminiscent of Indiana Jones and the part where Mera takes his sweat to help reveal the trident shows off the true power of Atlanteans. Arthur offering to pee on it was very predictable, but still funny and makes the scene less serious without taking away from the events occurring.

Again, the fight scenes in Sicily with Black Manta, the bug-eyed pirate survivor, were thrilling – smashing through houses, running over rooftops, laser-beam eyes and explosions. After Arthur has taken possession of the Trident of Atlan, he also acquires his trademark gold and green outfit, which has been nicely updated to seem less cheesy and slightly more modern and sleek. Upon taking the trident, he becomes King of Atlantis and can control the creatures of the sea. He is also reunited with his mother after thinking she had been dead for years. This was a touching moment, but cut short so he could rush off to fight Orm.

Aquaman holding Orm at Trident-Point

The battle sees the seven armies of Atlantis go into civil war, and after a strong, soaking battle, Aquaman breaks Orm’s trident in two, celebrating victory and truly becoming King of Atlantis. The post-credit scene shows that Black Manta is alive and wanting revenge. It hints and perfectly sets up for the supposedly upcoming Aquaman 2. Overall, this is an amazing movie, brilliantly recreating Aquaman as a modern, ripped Jason Momoa, a great reincarnation of the comic book star first seen in 1941. Exhilirating movies like this are a brilliant way to get the younger generation interested in comic book characters from as long as 80 years ago.

Aquaman 2 is going to be amazing…



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