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Angel Has Fallen Review- The Angel Has Fallen And So Has My Interest

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So, this movie depicts pretty much every other Action movie. Mike Banning played by Gerard Butler, is a secret service agent, who is being framed for an assassination attempt on the President of the United States, (played by Morgan Freeman).

After getting taken into custody, he not only has to figure out how to escape but he must prove his innocence along the way all while hiding from the people framing him, and the FBI who are convinced he did it.

This film is truly a prime example of an action movie, that’s honestly been done 1000 times. It’s one of those movies you watch at home on like a Tuesday night and enjoy it but it’s not really one you talk about all that much. The angel has fallen is actually part of a trilogy, and This latest one gives a little bit more of an idea of Mike’s past and fleshes out his character a little. It is a nice addition to the series making it more relatable in a sense. It gives his role a little bit more depth.

One of the high points of the movie is Mikes Dad-who is the star in a few small scenes that had myself and most of the theater busting up laughing. His character brings in some very nice comedy aspects which we all enjoyed. Another part that I enjoyed is the ideology of family that slightly develops throughout the whole thing. I always support those leading parts in movies because family is an important thing in my life. (A not so vague hint for those interested, stick around for a small little bit after the movie it is worth it.)

Now, some of the things I had problems with was the lack of actual action. I could have used a lot more gun fights or something. The very start of the movie had some great fast-paced action as well as the end battle, but all the action between was kind of weak.

It was a lot of running and banter between thecharacters. The other thing that kind of irked me was in the first 20 minutes I knew where this whole movie was going. The foreshadowing basically punched me in the face and was like ‘Yo, this is what’s going to happen, but act surprised still’. It was a very negative thing in my eyes because one of the best parts of movies or T.V, in my opinion, is trying to figure out the puzzle and guess what’s going to happen.



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