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‘Alita 2’ Gains Momentum Thanks to Fan Billboards

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2019 saw the release of the long-gestating film adaptation of Alita: Battle Angel. The movie, based on a popular manga series, followed Alita, a cyborg who is given a new life and gets drawn into a deep conflict as she slowly regains her memories. It drew a middling critical response and made $402 million worldwide which was not enough impetus for 20th Century Fox (now part of Disney) to green-light a sequel.

However, it looks like the rabid fan base for the movie has other ideas. The “Alita Army” launched a massive social media campaign to attempt to push Disney in the direction of producing the film, even flying a banner during the Academy Awards in February.

Now the “Alita Army” has posted four digital billboards in Los Angeles. Pictures have appeared on Twitter, courtesy of Charlie Schmidt. The billboards feature quotes from Rosa Salazar (who played Alita in the film), Christoph Waltz (who played Dr. Dyson Ido), and Tilley Lockey, an amputee who has bionic arms.

This isn’t the first time a group of passionate fans has campaigned for a sequel to a film that has underperformed, but it looks like the “Alita Army” has a better chance to succeed in light of some recent news. Fans were campaigning for a Zack Snyder cut of Justice League with a similar barrage of billboards and a social media blitz. Now Warner Bros. is releasing it on HBO Max in 2021. It makes me wonder if we will see a resurgence of fans throwing their support behind some other long lost sequels (Beetlejuice 2 anyone)?

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