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‘Aladdin’ Sequel Officially In The Works With Director Guy Ritchie

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After months of waiting, Variety has revealed that a sequel to the 2019 Aladdin is in the works at Disney. Guy Ritchie who directed the first film and most recently The Gentlemen, will return to direct. Will Smith, Noami Scott, and Mena Massoud are also expected to return.

While the Aladdin reboot garnered mixed reactions overall, currently sitting at only 57% on Rotten Tomatoes, it was still a box office juggernaut generating over a billion worldwide. The sequel has brought on new writers, John Gatins (Flight) and Adrea Berloff (The Kitchen).

The Aladdin reboot did a great job expanding on the original and teased a number of elements that could be explored in the sequel. Even though Will Smith’s Genie got off to a rocky start, fans ended up really liking him in the role, and in return, Aladdin is Will Smith’s highest-grossing movie. Noami Scott and Mena Massoud also pleased fans.

Before this sequel was announced, Mena Massoud shared the unfortunate news that he couldn’t even get an audition for any other movies. It was worsened by the fact that Disney was rumored to be making a Dinsey + show about the only white character in Aladdin. However, that was just a rumor and there is no telling if that show is still in development.

There are no plot details for this sequel, but Disney will reportedly draw from Middle Eastern folk tales. The release date is also still unknown. However, both Aladdin movies are currently available on Disney + to watch!

The next Disney live-action movie to hit theaters is Mulan this March!

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