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Abominable Review- Adorable Family Fun!

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As a father of two young children, I watch my fair share of children’s movies and shows. This one in particular, is truly one that the whole family can enjoy. Kicking it off the story follows a young girl named Yi, who ends up finding a yeti on the roof of her apartment building in the middle of the city.

Two other people tag along on this mission to bring the yeti back to his home to be with his parents on Mt Everest. Those two turn out to be childhood friends of Yi. Pang, who is a few years younger than the others and is full of energy with a big personality, Jin who is the uptight popular kid mostly focuses on his social and physical appearance. 

So this film had some really good things going for it, my personal favourite is the relationship between Everest and Pang. The flow and dynamic of those two characters were perfect it was like two 6-year-old kids just enjoying life and not taking things too seriously. It was just so pure. Another thing was just that the animation was astounding and so full of details, whether it was the bright and colorful nature setting, or the darker grittier cityscape. In addition to that it’s also nice to know that this entire film was worked on by two separate companies.

The American Dreamworks studio and the Chinese pearl studio helped make sure all the details were authentic and inspiring. The story is pretty simple, but I think that it’s also perfect. It allows kids to be able to follow along and not get too confused about what’s happening in the story. Yi and jin both have subtle yet still noticeable character growth throughout the movie which I feel is important because it lets you stay more invested in the characters you’re watching. Also, I have to mention a hint at the best scene in the entire movie, without spoiling anything just remember the word “blueberries”.

There are not too many things would change about this movie honestly, besides the fact that the story isn’t super original and like I said, it stays pretty straightforward and simple at times. It was an awesome movie to be able to just shut off your brain and watch a cute film. My daughter and I both enjoyed ourselves during this screening.

Now without further ado! This movie was spectacular and damn near perfect. Definitely a great animation & family movie, be sure to see this film with your loved ones. Thanks for checking out the review. Be sure to check out all my other articles and tune in on Kernel for all the upcoming reviews!



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