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2021 BAFTAs Moved To April 11th

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BAFTA have moved the 2021 film awards date from February 14th to April 11th. This will be two weeks before the Oscars, which was recently announced by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, to be pushed back and now taking place on April 25th. This comes after BAFTA already delayed the TV Awards to July 31, the event is now set to take place at a closed studio with nominees accepting awards virtually.

BAFTA released a statement on Monday evening saying:

“This change from the previously announced date of February 14 acknowledges the impact of the global pandemic and accommodates an extended eligibility period. Further details on the ceremony will be announced later in the year.

Variety reported last week that some more information on the eligibility requirements will be revealed on Tuesday. BAFTA have been holding discussions on the circumstances surrounding films which were released digitally, and whether they are to be eligible for 2021 awards because of the lack of a theatrical release.

After AMPAS announced new diversity standards which will be implemented for 2022 by the Oscars, BAFTA have also relayed a plan which will hope to strike a universal set of requirements for both the Oscars and BAFTA alike. The chair of BATFA’s film committee, Marc Samuelson said in an interview with Variety:

“BAFTA has worked for the last three years with the BFI, and has been consulting with AMPAS, with the hope being that between the three organisations, we can create standards that will apply everywhere. It means that all of the various awards can be subject to passing diversity standards. That should in turn galvanise the progress of diversity across the whole industry.”

BAFTA say that their review of how film awards are voted will take place simultaneously to AMPAS and their reviews on diversity standards. The fact that the BAFTA awards ceremony has been delayed by two months, means there should be more time for the review to take place, and therefore, a higher chance of receiving better results sooner.

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