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10 Great Shows/ Series To Stream On Netflix Now

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With the recent Coronavirus pandemic, people all over the world have been hunkering down and spending more time at home to try and slow the spread. Luckily for us, Netflix provides a library of content to keep us entertained. With Netflix’s growing list of outstanding original content, here is a list of 10 great shows and series to stream on Netflix now.

10. Cheer

Cheer is a Netflix Original documentary series that follows the athletes of the Navarro college cheer squad, and their hopes to compete at the National Cheer Association’s Championship in Daytona, Florida. Set in Corsicana, Texas, Cheer focuses on Monica Aldama and how her reputation of being a hard, no-nonsense coach has won her squad fourteen National titles. There’s long been a stereotype of what cheerleaders are, but this series gives you deep look into the kind of dedication and discipline you need to compete in this high energy sport.

The dangers are seen as “top girls” are tossed in the air defying gravity. These athletes twist and flip their bodies in seconds and you can’t help but worry if their squad is ready catch them down below. There’s a successful rate of being caught, but Cheer doesn’t shy away from the falls and fails.

Cheer is an amazing series that brings excitement, acrobatics, and what it means to be a competitor in a sport that was once considered a pastime.

9. Daybreak

Loosely based on the graphic novel, Daybreak takes on its own version of what an apocalyptic world looks like. In Glendale California, we first meet our protagonist Josh Wheeler (Colin Ford) in a classroom flashback. Students are in their seats and the teacher is calling attendance, while Josh is breaking down the fourth wall by staring directly into the camera and speaking to the audience.

In a quick break down Josh describes a few main details, 1) The apocalypse was caused by missiles that were launched by an unknown source, 2) Most of the grown-ups were killed, 3) The grown-ups that did survive were turned into goulies ( their take on Zombies), 4) The social cliques that were in high school are still the same except they have become tribes and often kill people 5) Josh was the new kid in town and basically a loser, but now he’s a lone wolf with mission, and 6) The apocalypse is the best thing to ever happen to him.

Daybreak hones the spirit of Mad Max, and it has the adolescent feel of The Lord of the Flies, but also recreates the crazy teen antics of Ferris Bueller Day Off. If you’re looking for lighter tone to those doom days shows, Daybreak is a must for you.

8. Queer Eye

Netflix’s rebooted Queer Eye takes the same concept from Bravo’s original hit Queer Eye for the Straight Guy and applies a refreshing up to date look. With the introduction and expertise of Antoni (Food and Wine), Tan (Fashion), Karamo (Culture), Bobby (Design), and Jonathan (Grooming) the new Fab 5 puts their collective skills to good use.

With four seasons and an extra side project called Queer Eye We‘re in Japan, this series is more then make-overs and a new updated living space. It’s a show about how five men are able to bring hope, love, and self awareness to the people they meet in each episode. Queer Eye is an extraordinary series that express joy and happiness with each life changing story.

7. The Ranch

Colt Bennett (Ashton Kutcher) has spent the last several years playing semi-professional football. But when his career isn’t going the way he wants it to, the decision to move back to his small home town in Garrison, Colorado seems to be his best option. Here Colt has a decision to make, to try one more time to follow his dreams or rejoin the family business.

As Colt realizes a permanent stay is looking more likely, Colt tries to mend his relationships with his father (Sam Elliot) and his brother (Danny Masterson) by helping out on the ranch. He starts to reconnect with old friends and even questions reigniting the flame with his old high school sweetheart Abby (Elisha Cuthbert).

The Ranch takes on the dysfunctional family aspect and easily adds humor, drama, and lovable characters leaving you wanting more. With eight seasons under its belt, this is a show that will keep you entertained for hours.

6. Pandemic: How to Prevent an Outbreak

Pandemic: How to Prevent an Outbreak studies past influenza pandemics and explores how professionals prepare for the next big outbreak. Set in 2019 and released on Netflix in January of this year, Pandemic presents an extremely eerie coincidence seeing as we are currently living in our own pandemic crisis.

The documentary follows a range of professionals that prepare for and try to prevent the next pandemic. Some of them risk their own health by testing these threats in foreign countries. Then there is the men and women on the frontlines who treat the highly infected in hospitals. Also, the scientific teams that spend their own finances to fund research to find cures. Finally, the public health officials that constantly play out scenarios of what would happen if there was a massive outbreak similar to the 1918 Spanish influenza that took the lives of 50 – 100 million.

Pandemic: How to Prevent an Outbreak is worth a watch to get a better understanding on what we are dealing with today and COVID-19. It can be used as a visual learning manual or even a reassurance that their are groups of people that are working behind the scenes to help us survive our current pandemic.

5. Big Mouth

From the creative minds of comedic actor Nick Kroll and writer/producer Andrew Goldberg comes Big Mouth, an animated show about adolescent teens facing the ever growing challenges of puberty.

The adult cartoon starts its first episode with the two main characters, Nick and Andrew, starting to learn about the effects of what hormones can do to the changing body. Nick and Andrew are the same age, however Andrew has advanced further in his puberty journey leaving his best friend and late bloomer Nick feeling shame that he has not yet met his “hormone monster”.

Even though some of the material can be a bit over the top, Big Mouth hones in on real issues that all adults have faced once in their lives. With voice acting by Nick Kroll, John Mulaney, Jenny Slate, Jessi Klein, Jason Mantzoukas and Maya Rudolph, Big Mouth is a comedic hit. Big Mouth follows in the foot steps of the mature animations like Family Guy or Futurama, but with its free range on Netflix it’s able to add much more adult and whacky situations.

4. Umbrella Academy

The year is 1989 and there have been 43 mysterious and unexplained births on the exact same day and time by women that had shown no signs of pregnancy. This event peaks the interest of billionaire Sir Reginald Hargreeves (Colm Feore) and motivates him to adopt seven of these children and form the Umbrella Academy.

Throughout their childhood and teenager years, Sir Reginald groomed the children to become a fighting force that will one day have to save the world from an unknown threat. Hargreeves decided to assign each child a number instead of a given name. Number 1: (Tom Hooper) has super strength, Number 2: (David Castañeda) is able to manipulate knives in excellent accuracy, Number 3: (Emmy Raver-Lampman) is able to convince other people to her bidding by using the phrase “ I heard a rumor…”, Number 4: (Robert Sheehan) is able to communicate with the dead and use their spirits in real combat, Number 5: (Aiden Gallagher) uses teleportation and time travel, Number 6: (Justin H. Min) is able to release horrific monsters from an inner dimension within his body, and finally Number 7: (Ellen Page) with no specific abilities yet to be described. The number assigned to each child represented the amount of usefulness each child could bring to the Academy.

In present day, the team has disbanded due to the death of Number 6 and the disappearance of Number 5. As adults they have come together to mourn the death of their adoptive father. Before they are able to say their last goodbye the reappearance of Number 5 sets off a chain reaction that threatens the world.

3. Next In Fashion

The premise of Next in Fashion isn’t a new one, however when you add the Queer Eye’s fashion stylist Tan France and designer Alexa Chung as hosts you get a lovable duo.

In Netflix’s Next In Fashion, 18 contestants compete against each other for the prize of $250,000 that will help them achieve their fashion dreams. Each episode focuses on specific themes to challenge the contestants including designing activewear, denim, and red carpet gowns. During the first few stages, each contestant has to pair up with another contestant and compete as a pair. Watching the different dynamics of the designer duos makes the competition interesting because it forces the teams to collaborate and merge their styles together to create one of a kind pieces.

2. Workin’ Moms

Workin’ Moms opens the visual struggle of what it really means for a new mom coming to the end of their maternity leave. The series follows four women that meet for a weekly mommy and me class. It’s here we meet Kate Foster (Catherine Reitman), a first time mom that’s dealing with the balance of motherhood and still being the driven, hardworking PR executive she once was. Anne Carlson (Dani Kind) is a psychiatrist that is not only managing life with an infant, but is also struggling with a rebellious pre-teen. Frankie Coyne (Juno Rinoldi) is a realtor that is in a downward spiral while she deals with post partum depression after the birth of her first child. Finally, there is Jenny Mathews (Jessalyn Wanlim), an IT tech that starts to question her new life as a mom.

Workin’ Moms is a modern day Sex and the City thats delves into the world of motherhood. Even from a male‘s perspective, this dark and witty drama is wildly entertaining. Workin‘ Moms focuses on real experiences that mothers often go through, yet are not really talked about. As a Netflix original Workin Moms’ is able show us a different perspective on motherhood than we have seen in traditional network TV.

1. Tiger King

Netflix’s new original documentary series Tiger King, starts off with revealing the fate of Joe Schreibvogel, or better now known as Joe Exotic. He has been arrested under the charge of a murder-to-hire, and is now serving a 22 year sentence in the Oklahoma prison.

Even though that story is wild in itself, it’s the events that happen before that really allow this true crime series to pull you in. The documentary follows Joe Exotic from five years prior all the way to the events of the his conviction. During the time of filming, you witness the wild attics of a man’s personality that’s even to big for him to handle.

With interviews from old employees and former rivalries, a story emerges about the corruptions behind the scenes of Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park. One of them being that Joe and other exotic animal owners traded, sold, and murdered these extinct exotic animals. Tiger King provides a plot twist, shocking revelations, and the sense that this can’t be a real story.

These are The Best 10 Shows/ Series to Watch on Netflix. Are there any other shows that didn’t make the list? Let us know over on Twitter and make sure to download the Kernel App to keep up with future release on up coming movies, reviews, news, and articles.

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