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10 Great Movies/Series To Stream On Hulu

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With the large amount of movies being delayed on account of the COVID-19 pandemic, now is a better time than ever to get comfortable at home and stream some of the best TV shows and movies that Hulu has to offer. Whether you’re self-quarantining or just feel like a good binge watch, Kernel’s bringing you 10 great picks for viewers.

Marvel’s Runaways

Based on the comics of the same name, this teen drama focuses on six diverse teens who figure out that they are the children of super villains. As they struggle to figure out the extent of their own powers, they must band together to stop whatever evil plan their parents have in store for humanity before it’s too late. Currently the complete three seasons are available to stream now.

The Good Place

A comedy series that explores the idea of what happens after our time is up on earth, and how a group of people have mysteriously ended up in The Good Place when they so obviously should have been sent to The Bad Place. The series has just concluded, and every season is available to watch right now on Hulu.

The Act

This drama is based off of the real life story of Gypsy Blanchard and her overprotective mother Dee Dee. Throughout her entire life, Gypsy has been treated for multitudes of illnesses, with no real evidence to show that any of them exist aside from her mother’s word. When a children’s doctor begins to dig deeper into the story, a whole slew of terrible realizations emerge which eventually leads to murder.


This show based off of the Joe Hill novel of the same name, is definitely something to binge if you are into Dark fantasy thrillers. The show takes place around a young girl who realizes she has a psychic ability to use a bridge known as The Shorter Way to traverse the gap between her and any location. So when a vampire known as Charlie Manx, who kidnaps children and absorbs their souls, kidnaps someone close to her, she uses her newfound gift to track him down and put a stop to his vicious cycle.

Pet Sematary

If you never got around to watching the newest 2019 remake of Stephen King’s novel, now is the time. The story of Dr. Louis Creed and his family, who stumble upon an old creepy burial ground in the woods behind their new home, is reimagined through the eyes of Kevin Kolsch and Dennis Widmyer and definitely adds some new elements to the haunting tale.

Little Fires Everywhere

A new miniseries based off the novel by Celeste Ng features only on Hulu, and takes place when two families, the privileged Richardsons and the nomadic Warrens,  intertwine via their daughters’ fascinations and interests. But as the family learns to live together, tensions between race and status soon come to light, causing a drama that lurks behind most social societies today. The author claims to be excited about the adaptation’s new twists and turns, and that’s worth giving this a watch.  

Castle Rock

For fans of Stephen King, this dark toned anthology series is a treat. The show features characters, places, and references to some of Stephen King’s best work, and everything revolves around the small, nearly forgotten town of Castle Rock, where the worst in people can be brought to life. Currently Hulu has released two seasons of the show, and fans can only hope that season three will arrive sometime in the future. 


The miniseries by Alex Garland first premiered on March 5, as part of the new FX on Hulu section. The sci-fi thriller follows a computer engineer Lily Chan, who begins to ask questions when her boyfriend, who joins the secretive Devs team of her company, mysteriously commits suicide. Although the miniseries is still releasing episodes, this is definitely a show that is worth hopping on the train for right now. 

Good Girls

This comedy/drama focuses on two sisters Beth and Annie, their best friend Ruby, and how the three of them try desperately to get each of their own family troubles under control. After jokingly discussing the robbery of a local grocery store, the three of them actually end up going through with it, and the chaos that follows changes their lives forever. Hulu is currently streaming the newest season, with new episodes arriving every week.


First airing in late November, 2015, this comedy sitcom created by Justin Spitzer is definitely a show to binge. The show centers around a group of Cloud Nine employees, all of the knee-slapping shenanigans that take place at the store, and mimics the changes that are currently happening in the show’s real life influence Walmart, everywhere. The show currently has four complete seasons available to watch on Hulu, with new episodes for season five airing weekly.

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