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10 DC Characters That Deserve The ‘Joker’ Treatment

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Joker was a revolutionary movie and a smash hit for Warner Bros. both critically, and at the box office. The film made over one billion worldwide without releasing in China, and it’s considered one of the most profitable movies ever. It has also received the most Oscar nominations this year with a grand total of eleven. The film has taken the world by storm with protestors around the world dawning the Joker look to fight for their freedom. With all this success, not only is a sequel rumored but more DC films in the same vein. Todd Phillip’s pitched a brand called DC Black Lable which would produce similar dark, gritty and low budget movies like Joker, but that never came to be. However, DC will still want related movies and here are our picks for the 10 DC characters that deserve the Joker treatment.

10. Martian Manhunter

While it may seem like an odd choice to relate the story of an alien to Joker, it actually is a pretty good match. J’onn J’onzz was one of the only survivors of a civil war that ravaged his home planet of Mars and is then transported to Earth. He has many powers such as shape-shifting and telepathy, so he can take the form of a human from Earth. Just like Joker was a commentary on the 1% vs the 99%, this move could be a commentary on immigration. How J’onn J’onzz is afraid to show his true skin because he thinks people will fear and hate him. Also, it would be really interesting to see how an outsider sees Earth and it’s many problems. Miss Martain could also make an appearance giving the film a Logan vibe as well.

9. John Constantine

While he may be known for his more campy portrayal on the CW, John Constantine is ripe for a dark, gritty movie. Constantine is a detective from Liverpool, England. He is known for doing whatever it takes to get a job done, even if that means violence. Just like Arthur Fleck, Constantine has experienced a lot of tragedies. When he was young he killed both his parents while practicing magic, and his girlfriend committed suicide. All serious issues that could be explored in a darker story. Constantine also operates in a moral gray zone, as he is not good nor bad, which could be really interesting to explore. He may seem like a selfish con man, but deep down he wants to do the right thing. All of these elements mixed with magic could make for an excellent gritty thriller.

8. Jim Gordon

Jim Gordon is a classic DC character who has been around for a while, however, he has never gotten his time to shine on the big screen. Of course the TV show Gotham saw Gordon as the lead, however that show never really realized the character’s full potential. This movie can be a gritty crime thriller that focuses on Jim Gordon without Batman. It could showcase a Gotham after Batman’s disappearance and show a more worn down detective. Gordon’s story could contain themes like alcoholism and struggling to do the right thing, all of which could appeal to critics and fans. This movie could be in line with other films such as The Departed, Shutter Island, Se7en, and other good detective movies. A Jim Gordon character study could be a dark, twisted, and entertaining tale.

7. Katana

A movie focusing on the character of Katana could be a really interesting one. Tatsu Yamashiro lives in China and after the tragic murder of her husband, she uses her martial arts skills to take revenge on the people who wronged her. Furthermore, Katana’s sword contains souls that she can speak to, including her husband. This could add an extra emotional level to the movie. Just like Black Panther and Joker, this movie could have strong cultural ties and messages about society. Since this movie would take place largely in China, which American movies rarely do, it could introduce audiences to a lot of interesting developments going on in that country. Plus China is a stunning country and could make for a number of good locations and visuals. And since it’s a dark and gritty tale about revenge, it could fit right in with Joker.

6. The Question

A movie following detective Vic Savage, aka The Question, could perfectly fit inside the world that Todd Phillip’s created with Joker. Vic Savage is a standard detective, however, when he encountered a number of potentially dangerous cases, instead of shying away like the others, he dawns a mask and becomes a vigilante detective. This movie could deal with themes like corruption and crime, which would fit perfectly into the world of Joker. Maybe he would even be investigating people like Thomas Wayne and the whole Wayne corporation. It could also include characters from Joker like the two cops, or maybe even a cameo of Arthur himself.

5. League of Assassins

The League of Assassins have appeared many times throughout DC movies and TV shows, however, their full potential has never been realized. They are a group of skilled killers that operate in the shadows, led by Ra’s al Ghul. It could also feature a younger Bruce Wayne who trained with them, but this time it could go into more depth. It could focus on the moral aspects of Bruce’s time there, highlighting a more complex Batman to go along with Joaquin’s Joker. Plus a movie about a secret organization of killers could be really cool. Also, it could include characters like Malcolm Merlyn, Lady Shiva, and David Cain. A plethora of locations could be featured in this movie along with psychological and political elements.

4. Jonah Hex

Jonah Hex is basically the cowboy version of Batman, complete with a dark origin story. When he was young his alcoholic father abused him and eventually sold him into slavery. Eventually, a chieftain adopts him however his adoptive brother grows jealous, and they even fight over a girl named White Fawn. He ends up becoming a bounty hunter and is known as one of the most dangerous men alive. His face also sports a brutal burn he received from his adoptive brother. Hex often walks the line between good and bad, and despite his violent tendencies, he still tends to stay on the good side. This story is filled with darker elements that would go right along with Joker.

3. Huntress

Even though Huntress has already made it to the big screen just recently in Birds of Prey, that hasn’t stopped DC before. Just like Jared Leto and Joaquin Phoenix, there can be multiple versions of the character. Now unlike Jared Leto with Joker, Mary Elizabeth Winstead did a great job as Huntress. However, her role was so small that they really didn’t have time to properly explore her origin. And a Huntress solo movie would be very different in tone than Birds of Prey. Helena Bertinelli comes from an Italian family, but when she was young her entire family was killed by organized crime. After years of training, she comes back to Gotham for a personal vendetta against the mob. Just like Joker, this movie could be inspired by some of Scorsese’s movies like Goodfellas and The Irishman.

2. Two-Face

Another Batman villain that could make for an excellent movie would be Two-Face. Just like Joker, Two-Face has a twisted origin that’s perfect for a dark and gritty film. District Attorney Harvey Dent is a good man who did his best to uphold the law, however, when a criminal throws acid in his face, he is left with a nasty burn and descends into madness. This story could make for an excellent psychological thriller about a good man giving in to the crime and corruption. They could even include the dual personality angle that Batman: The Animated Series featured which would add another interesting element. This story would fit right in with the world of Joker and maybe Dent could even interact with Arthur. And since Leonardo DiCaprio is such good friends with Phoenix, just maybe that could happen.

1. Lex Luthor

Since Batman’s greatest villain got his own movie, it’s only fitting Superman’s gets one as well. Lex Luthor does have the potential to be just as interesting as Joker, however, very different at the same time. Luthor is almost the opposite of Arthur, he is rich and unsympathetic. Since Joker told the story of the 99% vs the 1% from the 99% point of view, it could be really interesting to see a story from the 1% point of view in this world. Luthor is a cold businessman who takes advantage of people to get what he wants. It could be fascinating to see what these business people do behind closed doors and what makes them so cold. This movie could also focus on the iconic story of Luthor running for president, which could have some interesting parallels to today’s society.

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