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🧸 Annabelle Comes Home Review – or Judy?

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In this movie we see Annabelle’s evil being contained and first placed in the Warren’s room of artefacts in 1971. The Warren’s daughter; Judy, at this time has a baby sitter called Mary Ellen. As an article about Judy’s parents arises questioning the legitimacy of their actions Judy gets all kinds of negative encounters at school and Mary Ellen’s friend Daniela whose father had recently passed away wants to take a look at the Warren’s house with the intention to establish contact with her passed father.

When she found out Ed and Lorrain (Judy’s parents) were away for a job she invited herself to the house, she sneaked into the basement of artifacts after being warned not to do so and reading the signs. She entered regardless and touched most stuff in the room. This in turn lets out the evil spirit that’s inside Annabelle, the three girls and Mary Allen’s crush; Bob are being haunted for the rest of night and as events escalate the evil is contained by projecting a video of Ed Warren driving a bad spirit away onto the possessed Daniela.

In all honesty when I left the screening room after watching Annabelle Comes Home review I was pleased by a movie that was pretty enjoyable and by all means it was however this influenced my perception of the quality of storytelling, in essence the story that was told wasn’t done poorly. The story that was told was questionable, and conflicted with the title and marketing of the movie just a little bit.

Annabelle Comes Home is in my opinion an appropriate title for the first act but with some thinking it can applied to the rest of the movie. You’re constantly being pushed to the next jumpscare which Is fine if you can handle them. The writing team included some jumpscare anticipations without actually scaring the audience afterwards but those were all gone after the second half of the film started. This movie was written around 2/3 teenagers and a child being haunted for a night and not to show much of Annabelle figuratively coming home.

One thing I found after watching was that Judy’s role was huge in this, more so than Mary Ellen and Daniela or Ed and Lorraine. If somehow all the other spirits were still welcomed to their world and performed the same actions less elongated this could’ve been an awesome story emphasizing the powers of Judy, Mckenna Grace really is capable of such a role. Like previous Conjuring universe movies the story itself and the directing can use some retouching and refinement, the potential is amazing. For any horror enthusiast or fan of the conjuring movies this movie is watchable, just don’t expect a complicated storyline. Perhaps this movie will function as a foundation for things to unfold in the future, let’s hope!

Final Movie Score: ★★★☆☆

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