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🦁 Jon Favreau has his say on Disney’s ‘The Lion King’ Remake!

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There really could only be one person to direct a revival of The Lion King. Marvel genius and Disney favourite, Jon Favreau has become known across the globe for his contributions to the MCU on and off screen. It’s going to be cool seeing him stepping out of the comic-book movie department for a while into another Disney sector to reboot The Lion King. With the upcoming cinematic release on July 19 fast approaching, Favreau gave an interview with IndieWire on what audiences can expect from the new take on the old classic.

The biggest thing to come out of the interview was the fact that the film isn’t exactly “live-action” as people have been calling it as all the animals are CGI. I never would’ve guessed that from watching the trailer, they really must be using breakthrough CGI to make it look that good. I thought I was just watching a David Attenborough documentary for crying out loud! To support my case, Jon Favreau also said that it wasn’t right to call the entire film an “animation” either. ‘So what the hell is it Jon’, you might be asking? The truth is, I don’t think he knows either. But that might be a good thing.

This reboot had to be really special if it were to be done at all, so maybe putting it into its own category might be the best thing to do. I’ve also heard that Disney aren’t really campaigning for this movie to be considered for the Best Animated Feature Oscar for next year but rather the Best Visual Effects award, a less-considered award for sure but one that might mean more to the production company.

To be clear then, all the filming techniques are of a classic animation therefore all actors have only contributed their voices. “There’s no real animals and there’s no real cameras and there’s not even any performance that’s being captured…Everything is coming through the hands of artists.” I understand why the guy is indecisive, you don’t want to categorise the film because it can effect the viewer’s perception of the film before they even enter the cinema. It’s the photorealistic approach that Favreau uses is what makes the animation and live-action hard to distinguish.

He notes that he’s reminded of the time he saw Alfonso Cuarón’s Gravity when this argument comes to light “I didn’t know what I was gonna expect, I just heard it was cool.” And maybe that’s Jon Favreau hinting that it’s best to go see The Lion King as blind as possible with previous knowings of the film thrown out the window. Maybe by the time the film is completely out of post-production a conclusion will be reached, but I guess it doesn’t really matter all that much does it?

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