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🤭 An unwanted record for X-Men: Dark Phoenix

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In my review for X-Men: Dark Phoenix last week I said the movie struggled to go anywhere because of the dreary script. Well now the movie has got a pretty dreary and very much unwanted record whilst at the Box Office in the US. It has amassed the lowest ever US Box Office opening for any X-Men series movie to date – just $33 million.

However it’s not all doom and gloom for Dark Phoenix it did open as the top international movie release of its opening weekend with an estimated $140 million globally. With just $33 million taken in the US that makes Dark Phoenix become the worst debut of 2019 summer movie season and as I said earlier the worst opening for an X-Men movie.

The previous lowest X-Men movie was The Wolverine which opened in 2013 to $53 million which still manages to have taken about two thirds more than Dark Phoenix. Which just makes the movie even more of an embarrassment for the series. The movie has had so much backlash from launch, here on Kernel I gave it a 2 star rating with Rotten Tomatoes scoring a X-Men series worst of 23%.

You just gotta wonder about what Disney will do with the franchise now that they have acquired 20th Century Fox Studios. Will we see a reboot? Let us know your thoughts over on Twitter – @AppKernel

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