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🤣 Instant Family Review: so funny

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This review contains mild spoilers!

The scene that everyone who worked on this movie managed to put up was a little unsettling seeing the teens at the foster market. it’s clear that this will influence the rest of the movie continuing the story.

The emotions the characters feel at such moments feel very accurate to real life from a third person point of view. And that’s a key part in what could very well make you like this movie, too. A movie doesn’t need to be identical to reality, or entirely phantasy to be good, the magic is in bringing a message across and bringing people a good time when watching a movie. And judging by those factors this movie is successful.

It shows what genuine love can do, it shows that people can and do care about other people. Many of the jokes in this movie don’t feel too forced, and take place during the bonding of the new family. But so does the drama. Think about it for just a second and you’ll realise this is just like how jokes and drama start in real life. And that’s without a doubt what makes this movie feel right. Hopeful, loving and joy is what I felt after watching it.

The main characters are all fairly well known actors and actresses, they know what they’re doing and that’s apparent. The performance was on point and really fits in with the whole vibe of the movie. The relationship between a couple as parents is very nicely portrayed after such a drastic change in your life. But also the relation from child to parent shown with grandma Sandy. All the different characteristics in the kids and Lizzy’s awkward position between not being taken seriously as neither adult or kid were clear, you didn’t have to look for them and are relatable to anyone from personal experience or a cousin, a friend’s sibling etc.

The visuals and cinematography were nothing groundbreaking, but there are no bad things to say about it really. Everything looks just as you’d expect it to look, and that’s a form of art on its own. A poorly captured movie stands out just as a fantastically captured one does too. This is in the sweet spot of both where you can pleasantly pay attention to what’s happening in the movie.

Final Movie Score: ★★★☆☆

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