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πŸ™ Doris Day 1922-2019

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They called her an icon from the golden age of Hollywood. It is with great sadness that it was reported earlier on this week that Hollywood legend Doris Day had passed away, aged 97.

Originally from Cincinnati, Ohio she first embarked on her showbusiness career rather uniquely as a singer. Her first song, Sentimental Journey which she sang with Les Brown & His Band of Renown. She recorded many songs after leaving Brown in 1945 up to the late 1960s with favourites being Day by Day, Showtime and You’re My Thrill.

Regardless of her aside career as a singer, her heart lied in filmmaking and she was set on becoming an actress. Her first big break in the movie business was Romance on the High Seas in 1948. This led to a 20 year long career in Hollywood where she got the unforgettable opportunity of starring as the lead in the movie, Calamity Jane. She remained faithful to her musical comedy roots and starred in the movie adaptation of the widely successful Broadway musical, The Pajama Game. This – and many of her other successful movies – made her one of Hollywood’s most popular actress by the 1960s. Her most loved movies by audiences usually being those where she performed along side Rock Hudson, Pillow Talk being a favourite that pops into mind (a movie of which she was nominated for Best Leading Actress at the Academy Awards).

After her roaring success in the 1960s, Doris Day then decided to return to television after a difficult period of divorces and bankruptcies in her personal life. Though she disliked the idea of going into television after doing movies for so long, she felt as if she had to in order to financially provide for herself.

People think that Hollywood artists are handed their success on a plate. And though that may be true when you consider the luck Day had at the start of her career, everybody, inevitably – never mind what situation you’re in will cross a turbulent path during our lifetime. And Day was certainly no stranger to that during her midlife. She seemed like an actress who wanted to show everyone a good time. This is what eventually made her such a lovable household name.

Today we remember Doris Day.

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