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😲 Which character is not returning for Toy Story 4?

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With the next Toy Story movie very much in a matter of days now. We have found some confirmation that a certain character will not be returning into the 4th movie.

“Ken is not in this film,” Cooley said (via “He’s back at Sunnyside.”

Digital Spy report thatToy Story 4 producer Jonas Rivera added that they had to make some tough choices about which characters to include. “We love Ken too – [but there’s] a lot of characters,” he explained.

Ken was voiced by Michael Keaton (Spider-Man: Homecoming & Batman) and featured in Toy Story 3 as a toy that was part of the Daycare centre. One of the most promising things within the third movie was seeing both Barbie and Ken together.

Toy Story 4 is expected to break all records and today we dropped a story so be sure to check this out!

Toy Story 4 Hits Cinemas – June 21st

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