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😱 Insanity! Pixar shares incredible portraits of our favorite toys!

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Toy Story 4 has been out for just over a week and viewers are loving it. Something else everyone loves is that incredible animation, the toys look super realistic. It’s insane how much Pixar has improved their animation in just eight years. From the plastic heads of the toys to the textures of the clothing, it’s total insanity!
From the closeup, you can see the realism. (High resolution photos at the end of the article)

I could swear they look like museum displays! In Toy Story 2 when Jessie spoke of a museum she’s going to be displayed at along with Stinky Pete, Bullseye, and Woody when he would’ve joined the complete collection of the Woody’s Roundup, this is definitely what they would’ve looked like on the website of the museum.. Now, maybe they look so good here, but not as good when you zoom in?

Obviously that sentence didn’t age too well because holy cowboy! Woody’s bandana, the texture on it. The shadowing. Even the extreme material on his “sheriff” star. Everything about it is so good and well done, the texture just makes me want to touch it. If only those toys existed in reality like this. It’s insane!

It’s not just clothing too, but the toy’s heads are insane as well. Bo’s head has cracks, and those aren’t just any random cracks. Those cracks are specific because they’re so accurate to her character- a toy without an owner, will definitely have bumped multiple times along the way, or a lot of times, hence the scratches! While having the scratches and crack, she still has that OG glossy look she has always had. Pixar, is just. I have no words. Pixar is the impossible.

Pixar didn’t just release three photos in this lit character gallery, not even 4 (Forky included) but EIGHTEEN insane photos! Forky looks incredible, far too accurate, you’d think he’s a real fork! Scroll below to see all 18 characters including a second photo of Bo that we did not talk about above!

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