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🕷 Could Miles Morales’ Spider-Man Eventually appear in the MCU?

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Fans loved Miles Morales in last year’s “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse”. Now considering the introduction of the multiverse into the MCU, it is no question that seeing alternate versions of Spider-Man is inevitable.

Assuming the multiverse is real, and that Miles Morales could be from another universe, just how long do we have to wait before we get to meet him? Peter Parker just lost his father figure, Tony Stark. And now he is going out hero while mourning his death. Which is why, the right time for Miles Morales to be introduced would be perhaps in a third MCU Spider-Man movie.

The reason Miles Morales should be introduced in Spider-Man 3 or perhaps in his own movie, is because Peter is still yet to be established as an independent hero. Before Thanos snapped his fingers, Peter was still a beginner hero, a friendly neighborhood Spider-Man (plus space). But now that Tony Stark is gone, Peter is to step up in Spider-Man: Far From Home as an independent hero. This is important especially if Mysterio is a villain, because Peter will need to be able to do everything in his power to stop him.

After Peter has stepped up and defeated Mysterio, he would become a much more established hero in the MCU. One that would carry the new Avengers on his shoulders, one who could truly be called the next Iron Man. Instead of being mentored, Peter becomes the mentor. The mentor to a young new Spider-Man. He’s a little too young to be called a father figure, however he could be a big brother figure to Miles Morales.

In the real world, Sony is the one who has the rights to the Spider-Man characters. So there might have to be some negotiations between Sony and Marvel Studios before Miles Morales can be introduced to the MCU. However considering the fact that Tom Holland’s Spider-Man is the most popular Spider-Man yet and causing them the most money, it would be logical for Sony to freely allow Marvel Studios to use Miles Morales and introduce him into the MCU in future movies.

Nevertheless, we cant wait for Spider-Man: Far From Home coming to theaters next week! The future of the MCU surely is very bright.

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