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🔥 Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 5 – Our Thrones Thoughts! (Spoilers)

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With one episode to go of the penultimate season, episode 5 was just INSANE! Insane purely because of the shock, be-wilderness and confusion I felt when watching it. Now every week I watch each episode twice before I’m writing up more thoughts but this episode I feel I could still have missed something as so much happened!

Lord Varys is executed..

The Episode starts at Dragonstone with Tyrion advising Daenarys that she has been betrayed. Daenarys immediately quips “Jon Snow..” and Tyrion responds “No, Varys”. I was shocked by this as Varys is Tyrion’s closest allie throughout the entire shows past seasons. Varys was the one who saved Tyrion from Kings Landing and shipped him out of the city were they both found and bent the knee for Queen Daenarys. Either way we see Varys get completely destroyed by Drogons flames as Dany say Dracarys. Jon gets an insight into what she is capable for and what she will do to protect the secret that he is actually the true heir to the thrown.

The Last War

Heading back to Kings Landing and we see everybody get prepared for The Last War. One of the first things I wanted to raise was the much anticipated battle involving Jon’s Northern army, Greyworm’s Unsullied and Dothraki forces against the Lannister forces, Iron Fleet and Golden Company. But we never saw it. There was some suspense and then BOOM! The gates blast open and both Jon and Greyworm charge forward to take the city.

Drogon destroys the Iron Fleet (and more)

Drogon starts an absolute rampage and takes out the Iron Fleet in a matter of minutes. 2 scorpion darts fire at him and Dany but no luck from Euron and his fleet. The effects in this scene was great with all ships just getting decimated by the heat of Drogon’s flames. After this we see them flying off over to Kings Landing and again one by one all the scorpion defense weapons positioned on the walls just get completely destroyed. Gone. Obliterated.

The Bells Ring

Defeat for the Lannister Army and for Cersei is sounded out by the bells ringing. These bells ring as each of the soldiers drop their weapons down and the city is there for Daenarys to take. There is no words for what happens next and the suspense was chilling for the viewer in the build up for it. The shots cut back and forth from Cersei, Dany, Tyrion, Jon and Greyworm. Daenarys is the one who makes the ultimate decision however. I personally think that she is shocked as to how easy that was. You have to remember she has half her army and 1 of the 3 dragons remaining and all of a sudden they surrender.

Back to Dany. As she looks over at the Red Keep her face goes from relief to anger in a matter of minutes. This should’ve ended there but she heads for the Red Keep and the innocent civilians that both Vary and Tyrion wanted to protect are the next target for Drogon and Daenarys. She is becoming the Mad Queen as I stated in last weeks article.

Hound and Arya’s Quest

We left the Hound and Arya as they were leaving Winterfell with both having “unfinished business” down in Kings Landing. This episode however we have a catch up with both of them who have arrived within the walls of the city and are urgently trying to make it into the Red Keep. A few scenes later we are with both of them but this time the Hound is looking out for Arya. It is the first time that we really see the Hound show any emotion towards Arya as you can probably remember that Arya left him for dead in the past. The Hound discusses with Arya her actually desire, he realises that the Red Keep is falling and they will both die here. His affection for Arya is to not let her die to this want..

The City Burns

With the bells of King’s Landing are ringing. Defeat for Cersei is conceded and people are ready to bow down before Daenerys. The people of King’s Landing might be ready to bend the knee but she isn’t done wreaking havoc yet. This is her day to truly inspire fear in her new loyal subjects and she’s going to do it! There’s not much more to say here other than she just burns everything and anything in her and Drogon’s paths.

Jon Questions Himself..

As Daenarys is above the city destroying the buildings and its residents Jon starts to debate his actually part in this and he may have to challenge Daenarys for the Iron Throne (well what’s left of it?) as he is the true heir to the throne. There is one part were he saves a woman from being slaughtered by a solider who he has to kill. One key point here was Greyworm started the carnage on the ground of slaughtering everybody and he saw Jon try and stop his northern men from participating. Who knows what he’ll choose?

Brothers Reunited!

The Hound has dreamt of his revenge against his brother for so long. After taking out four random guards, he comes face-to-face with Qyburn, Cersei and the Mountain. Qyburn orders the Mountain to defend Cersei but instead the Mountain chooses casually to squish and smash him against the wall and therefore betraying Cersei in the process. Next it’s time for the most memorable fight of the season so far! It is incredibly violent but without question, it’s the best part of the episode. There are even funny moments between the two brothers who loathe each other more than anyone else on this show. The Hound yelling “Fuckingdie already” is absolute perfection. It is a long fight and even with a knife in his forehead, the Mountain isn’t ready to go down. It isn’t until the Hound decides to throw them both through a wall, falling through the air and landing in an immense blaze that the fight finally ends.

The Lannister End…

Cersei and Jaime are reunited together were they wind up trapped beneath the city streets. This is the end of their journey together and it is fitting that Jaime and Cersei would die in each other’s arms. Despite his seasons of personal growth he’s still the same Jaime that he was at the beginning of the show. Cersei is pregnant with his child yet again and she’s scared and vulnerable as she only is when her children are in danger. Her blind ambitions and arrogance became her downfall. Watching the ceiling and walls collapse around them, Cersei cries, “Jaime, I don’t want to die, not like this.” The devastation caused by Drogon and Daenerys is Game of Thrones’s version of poetic justice for Cersei. She and Jaime die together and it’s finally beginning to feel like Game of Thrones is coming to an end.

Watch the Preview here for the Final Episode:

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