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💸 Can Avengers Endgame pass Avatar?

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Warning: this article contains spoilers for: Avengers Endgame

For the MCU it’s raining money, reigning? Maybe soon.

The numbers of how much money the movie has made have been SOARING, whether they’ll fly past Avatar is the question I’ve been thinking about since Infinity War a year ago. And hence why I’m writing this to follow the journey of Endgame‘s massive daily gains in the box office.

April 24, the first day, it made a total of $169 million, thanks in big part to the wide release in China. Take a moment to think about movies below the 100 top grossing movies worldwide. Plenty of movies rank in 100-200 million after being cinemas for several months, Endgame reaches that too, but within a day.

May 3, Endgame is now only around 140 million short to passing Infinity War. Keeping in mind the 140 million fits well within the numbers of what most cinematic releases make in total, this is a massive number. Endgame now has been making around 200 million per day, so it would be weird to not pass Infinity War soon. And for most there was no question as to whether it would pass Infinity War.

It passed Infinity War and did so successfully, not only did it pass Infinity War, but it jumped straight to the top three, being the second most grossing movie, ever.

Enter the quantum realm for a minute (R.I.P. Black Widow…) and come back on May 15:

Endgame is now only around 290 million short of passing Avatar containing the trend from earlier on in the article it only has to make as much as about two basic box office grosses. But numbers have dropped over the coarse of the past two weeks and Endgame is now ranking in a little above $30 million per day on average, down from the previous 100 million per day. With 290 million left to earn to become the number 1 top grossing movie ever, Endgame is close, and it’s still manageable with $30 million per day. It’d take just around 10 days, that seems simple, let’s wait! But no, Detective Pikachu just came out, Aladdin is coming real soon and over time a movie just earns less. Assuming this Monday’s 4 million continues a trend from previous weeks and scores 5 million on Tuesday, 2 on Wednesday and 2 on Thursday, after that entering the weekend earning 6 million on Friday, 15 on Saturday and another 5 on Sunday you’d get a week with a total of around 40 million in earnings. At that pace the movie would need approximately 7 weeks, but usually the earnings get even less so that may be a bit too optimistic even.

Will it actually be able to pass Avatar?

We’ve been optimistic that it will, I still hope it does, and it seems achievable. But equally as possible that the gauntlet was snapped in ‘Pandora’ if we’re honest. We’ll keep you up to date on this subject and let you know when it’s about to happen or doesn’t seem to be happening anymore.

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