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Ready or Not Review- Children game turned horror movie.

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Blood, gore, suspense, humor? This movie definitely earned its rated R status. So just from seeing the poster I automatically got the idea that it was some kind of western but… it wasn’t even in the slightest. To take it back to the beginning, the movie is based around a children’s game, what can go wrong with that right? Well this takes Hide and seek to a whole new and disturbing level.

Instead of being filled with innocence it was packed full of Blood gore suspense and humor, yes I said humor.. The newlywed couple features a girl named grace who has never really experienced a family of her own, and her husband Alex who is trying to get away from his.

Although it shows he has been absent from the family he still can’t seem to get away for their traditions, witch include, you know the normal family stuff like some satanic rituals, sacrificing goats, and all of that end up putting Grace’s life on the line. By turning a game of hide and seek into a hunger gameish battle of life and death where she has to hide from her new family and try to survive until dawn.

So, I had to take a little time after the movie to process everything, because boy it was super suspenseful and just a lot.

Now a few of the best aspects to this movie was that no two characters were super alike each one had its own extremely unique personality, with doing this the movie throws you off abit and makes it hard to decide who are the bad ones and who are just plain evil because in this game, there isn’t many good people. Another is the humor that was Sprinkled in throught to break up the intense atmosphere of the film. Which was super important cause it gave you a small brief break of stress, and then right back into the sea of blood.

Now onto the negative pieces. Well, I wouldn’t even really call it a negative part. I just would have liked to see more of what happened after the game was over. What direction the characters that survived ended up going. So at first I didn’t even think I liked the ending but after I thought about it a bit more I think I actually loved it! The end was pretty over the top but almost felt as if it was done so intentionally to break all the tension that was built up during the film.

So, Ready or Not. I loved the film and besides the little nitpicks I mentioned before it was a solid movie, so if you enjoy movies full of suspense, and gore this movie will be a hit, and if you cant stand blood. You should avoid this one.



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