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🐙 Live action Ursula crawls out of the coral!

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The cast of the live action The Little Mermaid or rather the potential cast of the movie, has already received a lot of negative feedback. Even more the Aladdin cast had to go through even while it was already decided.

Today we heard about the potential actress to play Ursula! Disney in talks with the 48 year old actress known from Gilmore Girls and Mike & Molly. All that’s known so far is if Melissa McCarthy gets the role is she’ll be playing with the magic sounds of Alan Menken and Lin- Manuel Miranda. Who will play Ariel, Triton and everyone else is still unclear, But we do know that Disney is now in talks to get Melissa as one of the most recognisable Disney villains.

Melissa McCarthy

When The Little Mermaid will release is still unknown, We’re getting Mulan In 2020, andThe Lion King next month and several Disney+ exclusive live action remakes. Knowing the score is being worked on and the cast is being assembled, even thought they’re not done yet you shouldn’t expect the movie any time before at least 2022.

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