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🍅 First Toy Story 4 reviews are in on Rotten Tomatoes!

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Many people believed that a fourth installment of the Toy Story movie series was not needed given that number 3 capped everything off so perfectly with Andy growing older and giving his toys away to a young Bonnie. But no Toy Story 4 has premiered to reviewers where we get a first glimpse into what the public reaction is likely going to be come June 21st.

According to the critics, the fourth film is currently certified 100% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes, thanks to its absolutely stunning reviews.

“Quite simply, if you’re a Toy Story fan and are planning to avoid Toy Story 4 because the trilogy ended so perfectly, you’ll be missing out. It’s a hilarious and heartfelt movie that reminds us we’ll always have a friend in Toy Story.”Digital Spy

“The last act of Toy Story 4 had me sobbing like a lawn sprinkler, but it juggles this stuff with some of the most purely delightful character animation I’ve ever seen and a script that made me shake with laughter at least once every five minutes.” The Telegraph

“Sweet Lord, this is good. You know that you’re in the presence of genius when the first five minutes of what is ostensibly the third sequel to a 24-year-old children’s cartoon about talking toys is revealed to contain more depth, more thought-provoking content and more soulful passion than any Hollywood movie released this year so far.”The Times

The Toy Story series has always been just as satisfying for adults as for kids, but this might be the first film that actually feels more relatable to the grown-ups, offering a surprisingly nuanced tale of coping with change and moving on after loss.”IGN

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