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✂️ Us Review: Warning!

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This review contains spoilers!

The hype for horror movies has been steadily increasing over the past few years and 2019 has a slate of horror coming up that hopefully won’t disappoint.

Us was not excluded from the world-wide hype. I’ll dive right in saying most of this is thanks to Jordan Peele and his previous gem Get Out . In a previous review I’ve said that I’m big on storytelling and this won’t be the last time I mention this. Us is definitely storytelling I appreciate.

Despite not being a psychological horror like Get OutUs does require some amount of attention and thinking during the movie. I’ve seen the movie during a screening where people would laugh unnecessarily much and I honestly expected it to be the audience that was just feeling the comedy in the movie or laughing from nerves. Relatives of mine saw it after me too but also, couldn’t hold in their laughs. Without making this review too much of a complaint about laughing the movie does pack plenty of funny and enjoyable moments, but not a lot worthy of not being able keep back the laughing a little bit. Let me explain why.

The same people who were generally laughing during parts of the movie also were the ones who didn’t process the information in a way to understand the full story. So I wanna warn those who still want to see it or those who didn’t quite understand it to take it seriously or reconsider those moments where you laughed at the reactions from the father when he was holding the baseball bat, or the sound that his shadow version makes. It will make a lot of sense near the end when a lot of their backstory is revealed.

The one thing I felt like I was missing – regardless of paying serious attention to the movie – from the story myself was some sort of closure from ‘Red’ the original Adelaide. This was a plot twist that was definitely teased but I didn’t exactly expect it from the beginning. I’m wondering why Red started talking the way she did. Why they never escaped earlier or didn’t opt for another plan than to kill their normal counterparts.

The middle section after the little prequel before the movie title comes on felt a little bit on the long side but is worth sitting through. It shows a lot of fundamentals as the movie progressively unfolds in a beautiful way.

Luckily the movie was not solely relying on jump scares. I feel like the tension could’ve been more intense at certain points but really I can’t complain. It’s definitely not my favorite horror, but it’s in my top 5 right now!

Final Movie Score: ★★★★☆

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