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⚡ 10 Things You Didn’t Know About: Thor

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Thor has been loved by fans ever since he first appeared in the MCU with the first Thor movie back in 2011. Due to him being one of the three original Avengers who Avengers: Endgame, it is inevitable that Thor will return soon to the MCU either as a Guardian of the Galaxy, in a Valkyrie movie, or in his own movie being Thor 4. While you await an announcement of sorts, here are 10 facts you did not know about the master of hamm- I mean lightning.

1. Thor Is Not a God

Even though Thor is often referred to as a “God of Lightning”, he is not a God. In the first Thor movie, Odin specifically tells Loki “We are not gods. We’re born, we live, we die.”, indicating that the Asgardians are simply people from somewhere else. This makes sense as it would be very illogical for a god to be born or die.

2. DC Can Legally Make a Thor Movie

Because Thor is a character from Norse Mythology and not an original Marvel character, he is the only Avenger whom anyone can make a movie about and earn money from it without getting in trouble, as no one has trademarked the name.

3. Thor Debuted With Spider-Man

In the same month of August 1962 when Spider-Man was introduced to the world, Thor was introduced in an issue of “Journey into Mystery”.

4. Marvel Has Trademarked A Version of Thor’s Name

Even though Marvel can’t officially own the name Thor due to the fact that Thor is a character in Norse mythology, Marvel has indeed trademarked the term “The Mighty Thor”. This combination of words can be used by only Marvel.

5. Magic Apples on Asgard

In Norse Mythology, Thor and his fellow high citizens of Asgard live extended periods of time, some even immortal by eating apples that are only grown in Asgard. In Marvel comics, Thor would visit Asgard just to eat the magic apples.

6. Thor Has More Names

Although he is commonly known as Thor, he actually has more names than that. 16 different names to be exact, including Veur which means “guard of the shrine”, Rym which means “noise”, and Björn which means “bear”.

7. Thor Was Born In Norway

While he is a full Asgardian, Thor was not born on Asgard but rather he was born on Midgard (Earth) to his parents Odin and Gea while raised in Asgard.

8. Stan Lee Wanted To Play Odin

The one MCU actor who appears in every MCU movie (minus post Endgame saga), Stan Lee actually wanted to play Thor’s father, Odin. However gladly, Stan Lee was happy with the performance of Anthony Hopkins.

9. Patty Jenkins Nearly Directed Thor 2

The director of DC’s “Wonder Woman” (2019) actually almost directed the sequel to Thor. Patty Jenkins’ idea for Thor 2 was to have it be a “Romeo-and-Juliet esque soap opera that hinged on the separation of Thor and Jane Foster”. However, she left the project due to creative differences between her and Marvel.

10. Jane Foster Was Thor

In Marvel comics after a feud between Thor and Nick Fury, Thor became unworthy of the powers of Mjolnir. Afterwards, the hammer went out for Jane Foster thus making her the new owner of Mjolnir with the power of Thor.

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